Breads Etcetera, London – Review

This weeks posts have an accidental breakfast theme about them. Well, it is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and therefore, should be respected.

Before Christmas, I met a school friend in Clapham for brunch and a long overdue catch up. It is fair to say I wasn’t my usual bright eyes and bushy tail self as had been to wine tasting and Joe’s Southern Kitchen the night before and had a slight headache…erm…not sure what that was from.

My friend had picked the venue as he had heard plenty amazing things about Breads Etcetera in Clapham, and as ever I was game for trying out a new place. Huddled outside in the cold waiting for a table and getting whiffs of freshly brewed coffee and warm bread just made getting a table that much sweeter. Who would have thought a brunch place would be busy on a Sunday??

Most importantly I got a flat white and a fresh OJ to get a spring in my step and to works it’s magic powers on my tired brain. You can’t go wrong when ordering a silky smooth rich flat white.  I may have had a bucket load which meant I was bouncing off the walls for the rest of the day.

Flat White Coffee at Breads Etcetera in Clapham, London

As we are good friends and equally greedy we decided to share two dishes between us, knowing we would only be eyeing each others plates.  My pick was the fruit French Toast with bacon and maple syrup. Eggy, cinnamon loaded  fruit bread with the smoky slabs of bacon were immense. I really didn’t want to share, to be honest, but then I saw the fried breakfast and got over it.

Cinnamon French Toast at Breads Etcetera in Clapham, London
Perfectly runny gorgeous sunny yolks ripe for the dunking the thick slabs we had nabbed from the bread bar. I haven’t mentioned the bread bar yet have I? Well, think of overflowing baskets of freshly baked loaves of all sorts of bread you can possibly imagine. Carving thick doorstop wedges and scuttling back to your table laden down with jars of homemade jams, kinds of honey, jars peanut of butter, marmite…….

On each table a shiny Dualit toaster to toast your bread to perfection. They must have the best smoke detectors in the whole of London as there was some definitely charred bread on the other tables. My brunch buddy was a fan of the unlimited toasted and must have tried out most of the preserves on offer and majority of the different pieces of bread before we left.

The fried breakie was great, done well but next time I fancy going for the Cowboy’s Breaky, which is a fried egg on white sourdough toast, homemade spicy onion sausage baked beans and bacon. Yum.

Great way to start a Sunday of exploring London’s great sites.

Cowboy Breakfast at Breads Etcetera in Clapham, London

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