Meat Market, London – Review

What do you need to do when you’ve spent the Sunday morning decorating biscuits with your crazy cousins?? Go and eat a disgusting amount of meat of course. My love for MEATLiquor is well documented on my blog, even last week I posted last week their recipe for their Buffalo Wings from their insane MEATLiquor Chronicles. I’ve been to their awesome MEATLiquor off Welbeck Street many, many times and super pumped they are opening up in Bristol so I can get my fix of burgers and wings without travelling cross country.

Me and the cousins wanted a MEATLiquor but weren’t in that neck of the woods so ended up trying out MEATmarket in Covent Garden. Less of a restaurant and more and order and collect places, which suits me just fine as means I get my burger in my face a lot quicker!

IMG_6443 IMG_6444 IMG_6446 IMG_6448 IMG_6449

There has to be an order of Monkey Fingers when you visit MEATmarket as they are incredible. Stripes of battered chicken slathered in homemade hot sauce dunked in blue cheese sauce. Hubba Hubba. Just push the carrots and celery to one side…


Cuz went for a side of the Cheese Fries with onions. So much cheese….


Crispy oh so crispy deep-fried pickles. Oh, how I love you!


The main event for me was the Bacon Cheeseburger…just take in all of it’s meaty, cheesy beauty.


I mean what there not to like, juicy coarse ground beef burger, crispy bacon and all bound by oozy cheese, chuck in the crunch from the red onions. The stuff of dreams is made of.

IMG_6456 IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6459 IMG_6460

Well played MEATmarket…well played. I’m now off to lay in a darkened room to suffer from meat sweats on my own…


Address Book


Jubilee Market Hall, The Deck, Tavistock St, London WC2E 8BE

Tel: 020 7240 4852



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