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I like meat.  I really like meat, I really have never considered being a vegetarian. When I had a recent routine blood test, I did think the doctor was going to tell me that my blood was made up of BBQ sauce from eating so much meat. I love watching eating challenges of mountains of meat so we paid visit to a local spot offering such a challenge. The Hobgoblin pub is perched on the corner at 69-71 Gloucester Road, looks deceptive from the outside. But hidden behind a shine bar, smiling staff and a cracking range of craft ales and ciders, is a MONSTER. Shhhhhhh………

The Kraken Eating Challenge!

The Kraken is a monster of epic proportions, which should only be taken on with the greatest care and respect.

To take on The Kraken, on needs to take on the following in 45 minutes to have the honour and pride that they survived THE KRAKEN! A Triple Bypass Burger (Three 7oz Burgers, 6 rashers of bacon, 2 hash browns  and 2 huge pickles!!!), a mound of Dirty, Dirty Fries (Spicy fries, pulled pork, melted blue and cheddar cheese with coriander mayo), 15 SUPER Hot Wings, Coleslaw, Pickles and Sauces. Phew! That beast weighs 5lbs 10oz all for the prize of £25 but free if you finish it. I last time I visited only one man had managed to finish this brute. A true eating challenge!

The Kraken Eating Challenge and Menu for The Hobgoblin Pub, Bristol

The Kraken Eating Challenge at The Hobgoblin, Bristol

Source:The Hobgoblin

Were we man enough to take on the challenge? The simple answer was…no. But we did tuck into a disgusting amount of food between ten people. I hope one day our friend Dan will be victorious as he dominated his huge Squealer burger with a quiet determination.

If Chicken Wings are on the menu, there is no way I’m not going to order them. I’m that kind of gal. These fiery little bitches had a kick but were perfectly cooled down with a creamy dip and crunch of celery but saying that they had my reach for another after another. Fancy trying to make your own chicken wings try my buffalo chicken recipe.

Close Up Shot of the Chicken Wings at The Hobgolblin Pub, Bristol

Dirty, Dirty Fries!

We made the wise decision to share a portion of Dirty, Dirty Fries. It was a vat of glorious spicy fries, topped with dreamy pulled pork, melted sharp cheddar and tangy blue cheese and finished off with cool coriander mayo. For £8 it fed 8 of us and took some ploughing through but tasted amazing, addictive even and we made light work of this mountain before our burgers even arrived. Go on, dive in!

Close Up Shot of Dirty Dirty Fries from The Hobgolbin Pub, Bristol Pile of Dirty Dirty Fries at the Hobgoblin Pub, Bristol  Dirty Dirty Fries at The Hobgoblin Pub, Bristol

The Wrong Burger

When a place has a burger on the menu called The Wrong Burger, its got my vote. A juicy beef burger topped with peanut butter and crispy bacon rashers. So wrong, but oh so good. Gooey nutty peanut with smoky crispy bacon, does life get any better than this burger. I dream of this burger. So good. So good. So Very Good.

The Wrong Burger, at The Hobgoblin, Bristol

Our visit to The Hobgoblin was on Bonfire Night and when you need to waddle from eating a mountain of food, there is only one thing you can do.  SPARKLERS!!!! And we managed to take these awesome pictures on the fireworks setting on my camera, where we spelt out our favourite word first then got creative.

Address Book

Hobgoblin Bristol

69-71 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8AS

Tel: 0117 330 2997


Meat Spelled Out With Sparklers After Eating at The Hobgolblin , Bristol Boom Spelled Out With Sparklers After Eating at The Hobgolblin , Bristol Sparkler Star after Eating at The Hobgolblin, Bristol

Do you think you would be able to complete The Kraken?


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