Bristol Eats, Bristol – Review

I’m feral. I’m not refined. My dad constantly threatens I’m not too old to be sent to a Swiss finishing school, despite I’m 25.

I’m not prim or proper. I like eating with my hands. But in my defence, there are times when it’s just called for and a knife and fork would just be weird.

When my housemate invited me to a street food gathering, I grabbed my sunnies and was out of the door in a flash. I am culprit of really bad food envy. That’s why I love tapas and generally anything that will mean I can try all sorts of food in one meal. I’m just greedy.

Bristol Eats is every Thursday from 5pm to 10pm at The Yard at Lakota. Did you get that – EVERY THURSDAY!! Not one of these food celebration that comes along to tempt us with sexy treats to never be seen again. EVERY THURSDAY! Based on this fact, I think I’ve found my new after-work treat.

Source: Bristol Eats

Source: Bristol Eats

Turning up around seven-ish, the DJ was in full swing and so was the food vendors. Eight different truck of various sizes and cuisines were there, which makes me very happy indeed.

Needing a well-deserved drink after work, I headed to an old favourite, CUPP Tea Bar. Tried at a street food festival back in June last year, I’ve been obsessed and truly converted to the joy of bubble tea. I went for a Green Tea Mojito to get the party started. Yum. What’s not to like about fresh mint, rum, sharp lime juice and the subtle note of green tea. The green tea did make me feel I was having a good cleansing drink whilst being naughty. *Warning – below I have bad hair net hair from work- please don’t detract from the beauty of the food and drinks*

FoodNerd at Bristol Eats

The perfect drink to be paired the best fried chicken of my life. This is not an exaggeration, I know I always write nice reviews and how you should try this and that BUT seriously guys you need this in your life. Made by the dudes from Meat and Bread, I’m seriously in love. I went for the fried chicken with the jerk beans, slaw and pickles (I’m that kind of girl). Dammmmmmnnnn. I want to be in a committed loving relationship with the dish, failing that, a dirty weekend away with it.

Fried Chicken from Meat and Bread, BristolThe chicken was moist and tender and my god the fried chicken batter, had kind of a sexy buffalo wing flavour with herbs like a touch of rosemary. The batter was a combination of a light tempura and a bhaji combo that, kind of blew my mind. And for being fried it wasn’t greasy and oily, just sexy crisp.

Fried Chicken from Meat and Bread, Bristol

The jerk beans were immense, similar to meaty Boston Baked beans but with all the sexiness of jerk, chilli, mace, all spice, also light nuggets of juicy chicken. What! What! The slaw adding a creamy cooling element to the whole party and you just can’t go wrong with a good pickle…wink…wink…

I plan on following these guys around all summer long for their fried chicken.

Fried Chicken from Meat and Bread, Bristol


Check out below, my housemate’s burger from Soul Burger, an Aretha Franklin, no less. Piled up with fresh salad, an awesome juicy burger with plenty of soul. But she did keep coming back to my jerk beans.


Soul Burger, Bristol

To finish, the meal nicely I wanted something sweet. I paid vee double moo‘s fantastic VW camper van for a sweet treat. A deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream shot with a tequila and lime syrup poured over the top. You know I love me some tequila, the fieriness of the tequila and sharpness of the lime worked beautifully with the creamy ice cream.  My friend also tried the black cherry vodka shot, which was great but my heart will always be with the tequila. There is also kid friendly ice creams and even churros!

Tequila Ice Cream from Vee Double Moo, Bristol

Black Cherry Vodka Ice Cream from Vee Double Moo, Bristol

Source:Vee Double Moo

Source:Vee Double Moo

There you have it, Bristol Eats and my new obsession. Check it out, they also have a DJ thee so you can try to dance away some of the calories you’ve just had. I’ll definitely be coming back!

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