Taste of London Festival 2016, London – Review

FoodNerd attends Taste of London 2016 and eats lots of dishes.

Taste of London Festival 2015 Part 2, London – Review

Here’s the second part of the anticipated food adventure of Taste of London 2015. If you’ve missed it, you can read part 1 here. You last left us after eating 8 dishes of stunning food in a ridiculously short amount…

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I eat. I travel. I blog. I repeat. Female Willy Wonka in Bristol with a love of travel, tequila, bacon and bean to bar chocolate.

Taste of London Festival 2015 Part 1, London – Review

This post is a long time coming but I had so many treats to share with you that not only has this post been delayed but is even split into two parts and hopefully you can see why. The second…

Taste of London Festival 2014, London – Review

WARNING: This post may cause an extreme case of hunger, envy and large bouts of jealousy. You have been warned. This time of year is my highlight in my foodie calendar. No the it’s not because there’s bountiful fresh fruits,…

Taste of London Festival 2013, London – Review

I love trying out new food. Whether it’s new ingredients, new recipes or a new restaurant. I love the exchange of ideas and new trends that can come from eating out. That is why I try to go to the…

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