The Pudding Bar, London – Review

After battling the wind and rain we made it from Southbank to Soho in the search of sweet treats. I had seen on one of the many blogs I follow a wonderful ddreamlandwhere there is a menu completely made up of puddings. Yes my friends, such a magical place actually exists! The Pudding Bar is a pop up pudding restaurant on Greek Street in Soho and is the cutest little place with some damn incredible puddings. When you are faced with such as a menu as below, you know you aren’t just gonna order one dessert…

IMG_6172 IMG_6175

To warm up after the storm brewing outside, I treated myself to a couple of pots of the flowering jasmine tea, which was so light and floral that wasn’t to heavy or sweet to go with the puddings.


We ordered three of the full sized puddings instead the tasting plate between the two of us, as we are greedy for a great pudding. First was Chai Spiced Panna Cotta with fresh white peaches, cardamom crumble and cinnamon ice cream.  Dreamy. A perfectly set panna cotta is a thing of beauty and with the chai spices bringing a delicate fragrance to the rich base. I love white peaches (not just in bellini’s!) they have a soft perfume which just works with the stronger flavours of the chai and cinnamon. Great pudding.


Next was a sublime Chocolate Orange Fondant with cocoa meringue, orange marshmallows and dark chocolate ice cream. Ridiculously rich and naught, with the orange piercing the darkness of the chocolate.  Clouds of scented marshmallows, with shards of  melt on the tongue as if snow flakes meringues, adding a fantastic texture to the dish. I could happily have this pudding everyday and be very happy about it.


Lastly and by no means least the S’more Cheesecake – Milk chocolate cheesecake on a ginger nut biscuit base with peanut butter ice cream. Dammmmmmmmmmnnnnnnn…. that’s a great pudding. Apparently it is the only pudding that has stayed on the menu for the whole time as it’s proven so popular. A thin buttery base holding a mountain of lighter than air chocolate mousse with an Italian meringue toasted crown. Buttery salty crushed peanuts to coat the sinfully smooth rich peanut butter ice cream. We teased eating this pudding for a long while!

IMG_6183 IMG_6185 IMG_6186

Head to The Pudding Bar as soon as you can, otherwise you might miss out on these insanely great puddings. I have my fingers and toes crossed that they get a permanent residence so I can come back again and again for my dose of sweet treats.

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