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I managed to celebrate my 30th birthday like a queen. I managed to spread out the celebrations for a whole year. One of my amazing gifts was a generous meal at Story in London, from my gorgeous girl friends. Having poured over their menus, Instagram images and heard great things from friends, I was so excited for this meal. Visiting a week before my 31st birthday, with friends who gave me the gift. We were treated to such a journey of flavours and textures. Each course being a surprise and a delight. One of the most memorial and special meal I’ve ever experienced.

Story Restaurant Wax Seal Story Restaurant Ceiling

SNACKS. Storeos- Savoury Oreos with hay ash biscuit and goats cheese. Only similar in appearance to their sweet cousin, these short crumbly biscuits with a lighter than air filling, were polished off in no time at all. Need to work out how to get my next fix!

Storeos at Story Restaurant

Crispy Cod Skin with Mayonnaise and Carrot Tops. The prettiest snack, with all the carrot tops so uniform, the combination of the textures and flavours were perfect and the cod skin, light and crisp.

Crispy Cod Skin at Story Restaurant

Pressed Rabbit Sandwich with Bergamot and Pickled Carrots. Tender rabbit in a crisp polenta crust with the pickled carrots to cut through the richness.

Pressed Rabbit Sandwich at Story Restaurant

FIRST COURSE. Platinum Caviar with Golden Beetroot. Reduction of sweet golden beetroot around a shallot bavois, crowned with caviar. Delicate potato blini to scoop up every last drop of this stunning dish.

Platinum Caviar with Golden Beetroot at Story Restaurant.

Potato Blini at Story Restaurant

SECOND COURSE. Tomato and Vanilla. Semi dehydrated Isle of Wight Tomato with a tomato consommé with vanilla bean. And the most delicate tomato tart with shallots. Such concentrated flavours.

Tomato and Vanilla at Story Restaurant.Tomato Tart at Story Restaurant

THIRD COURSE. Bread and Dripping. This lit candle is made from beef drippings and slowly melts down to be caught with warm bread, and beef extract and celery pickle to cut through the richness. Such a fun course!

Bread and Dripping at Story Restaurant.

FOURTH COURSE. Turbot, Sweetcorn and Girolles. The most perfectly cooked piece of fish I’ve ever eaten. Crispy skin, tender flesh on a custard of sweetcorn and earthy girolles. Could have happily eaten this plate all day.

Turbot, Sweetcorn and Girolles at Story Restaurant

FIFTH COURSE. Saddle of Lamb, Courgette and Potato. Melting tender lamb with the aubergine ash mayonnaise, pressed fried potato cake and the freshness and crunch from the courgette.

Saddle of Lamb, Courgette and Potato at Story Restaurant

SIXTH COURSE. Paddington Bear. Crunchy French Toast with a layer of apricot marmalade with grated frozen foie gras. The light shaving over the warm crunchy bread, giving a rich almost custard/cream. Bonkers and unforgettably delicious.

Paddington Bear French Toast at Story Restaurant

SEVENTH COURSE. Lemon Sherbet. Lemon Posset with mint ice cream and white chocolate shard. With an extra bowl of lemon and while chocolate sherbet to heap on to taste- unfortunately very addictive! Super refreshing.

Lemon Sherbet at Story Restaurant

EIGHTH COURSE. Almond and Dill. Not the most usual combination of flavours but the creaminess from the almond ice cream with the fresh of the dill really worked. The different textures was so balanced with the caramelised almonds and hint of salt.

Almond and Dill at Story Restaurant

PETIT FOURS. Sweet ending to an amazing memorable meal. Fig leaf pate fruit, Cherry cream tart, Venezuela Chocolate with caramel.

Petit Fours at Story Restaurant

Apple & Vinegar Caramels with edible wrapper, fresh Greengages with salt, jars of honeycomb and chocolate coated hazelnuts. Loved the details of the miniature table cloths stands and all the flavours and textures so spot on.

More Petit Fours at Story Restaurant

This was an outstanding and stunning meal, which I can’t sing the praises highly enough. An experience that will stay with me for such a long time.

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  1. 7 January, 2019 / 10:59 am

    One of the most memorial and special meal I’ve ever experienced. This looks so delicious!! The perfect appetizer!! Love!

    • 7 January, 2019 / 11:28 am

      I agree, was the same for me so special, and the flavours and textures I’ve never experienced. So pleased you had a lovely time there too!

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