Franco Manca, London – Review

This is a super delayed post, I actually went to this restaurant after chocolate making at Paul. A Young’s with my cousin back in NOVEMBER! Yep, I’m that behind. Maybe I was being a tad selfish and wanted to keep this place to myself. Yeah, let’s just say that.

I met up with my brother and his fiancée to watch the fireworks at Battersea Powerstation. damn, they were awesome!! I had never been before but they let off all the fireworks to a theme, this year ROCK!!!!!!!! Got to love fireworks set off to Led Zeppelin.

To warm up our icy toes and bellies, we headed to a local little place near my bros house – Franco Manca. The home of sourdough pizzas and darn tasty toppings.

Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London

We were sat right next to the kitchen, so got to see the dough flying and the chefs at hard work in front of the glowing pizza oven.

Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London

What I love about my brother and his fiancée is not only do we have a great time hanging out together but they are always willing to share their food with me! So instead of trying just one of Franco Manca’s amazing pizzas, we all got to try out three! once we sat down, the restaurant rapidly filled up and there was a constant queue at the door. Love it when you time it just right! What was great, was that Franco Manca is right next to a chain pizza restaurant and they were clearly the more popular choice. And you can see why when the pizzas turned up!

This was one of the daily specials, of garlicky spinach, black olives and mozzarella all on that sexy sourdough base (slow rising for minimal of 20 hours).

Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London

Bro’s was the Gloucester Old Spot Ham (Home Cured ), Mozzarella, Buffalo Ricotta and Wild Mushrooms, the super creamy ricotta, garlicky mushrooms with the ham was insane, so good.

Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London

I went for the Tomato, Cured Organic Chorizo (Dry & semi-dry ) & Mozzarella pizza. The chorizo was sweet and spicy with a nice kick – mean just check out this sexy beast below. It’s steaming it’s that HOT!

Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London

Franco Manca can you come to Bristol please so I can have you on my doorstep and have your delicious pizzas every night, please??

Not sure how we managed it, but there was still room after those delicious pizzas for dessert. Surely everyone knows about the special dessert stomach, that space that knows matter how much savoury food you’ve had, there’s still room for a sweet treat!

We went for the chocolate and hazelnut cake with vanilla ice cream, damn it was good. Rich and sexy, with three spoons tucking in, it didn’t stand a chance of being around too long.

Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London

We also ordered the raspberry sorbet with was so refreshing and the taste of summer in the depth of winter, that it brought a smile to all of our faces. Simple but perfect way to end a great meal.

Franco Manca Pizza, Balham, London

Franco Manca also hosts cookery courses so you too can learn the secrets to making your own sexy sourdough pizzas. I actually got the bro and fiancée places for their Christmas present after this meal. Who am I kidding, I just want them to make me Franco Manca pizza at my command.

Address Book

Franco Manca

76 Northcote Rd, London SW11 6QL

Tel: 020 7924 3110



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