Snickers Tart Recipe

Snickers bar was never my favourite chocolate bar but when I came to my senses and realised that peanuts and peanut butter were utterly delicious, they definitely went up in the ranks. This is a recipe for a Snickers Tart, crumbly shortcrust pastry with a layer of salted caramel with roasted peanuts then topped with a super-rich dark chocolate and peanut butter ganache topped with peanut brittle and nougat. Ticking all the boxes of deliciousness; salt, butter, cream, peanuts and caramel.

There are a few components to make for this recipe but each of them is fairly quick to make, and then just needs to assemble. If you want to cut the making time down you can, of course, use shop-bought pastry, nougat and caramel sauce if in a hurry or uncomfortable making the caramel from scratch. The method I use is using icing sugar rather than caster sugar which is more forgiving and less lightly to clump and seize up. Of course, be careful when handling the hot sugar and take care when making. But the end results are so worth the effort in making your own homemade sauce.

Snickers Tart Recipe - Snickers Tart on Plate -

Equipment You'll Need

Rolling Pin
20cm Tart Tin
Parchment Paper
Ceramic Baking Beans
Rolling Pin
20cm Tart Tin
Parchment Paper
Ceramic Baking Beans
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Snickers Tart Recipe -

Snickers Tart Recipe

  • Author: foodnerd4life
  • Total Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Yield: Serves 8-10 1x


Serves 8-10


  • 300g Shortcrust Pastry, homemade or shop-bought

For the Peanut Salted Caramel – 

  • 150g Icing Sugar
  • 125ml Double Cream
  • 25g Unsalted Butter
  • 100g Salted Roasted Peanuts, roughly chopped.

For the Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache – 

For the Peanut Brittle – 

  • 100g Caster Sugar
  • 50g Salted Roasted Peanuts, roughly chopped

For Decorating –



  1. First blind bake the pastry case, oven to 180C. Roll the shortcrust pastry about 5cm larger than a 20cm tart tin. Line the tin with the pastry, pressing the pastry into the fluted side. Trim the edges slightly. Chill for 30minutes. With a fork, prick over the base of the pastry. Cover with parchment paper, fill the case with baking beans. Bake for 10 mins. Remove the beans and paper and bake for another 5-7 mins until the middle is golden and dry. Leave to cool.
  2. Make the salted caramel next. In a medium saucepan, over medium heat, sprinkle a layer of the icing sugar (not using it all, just a couple of tablespoons worth), when you start seeing the sugar melting to a liquid through the surface, sprinkle on more icing sugar. If starts to smoke a little, lift the pan off the heat and then return it. Continue until all the sugar is melted, giving it a slight stir.
  3. Reduce the heat to low, whilst stirring add the cream a drop at a time as will spit and will seize if you add all at once. When all the cream has been added, stir in the butter and the salt, stir until the butter has melted. Stir in the chopped peanuts. Pour into a bowl and cool until needed. Pour into the cooled pastry case and leave to set slightly while you make the ganache.
  4. To make the ganache. In a large bowl, add the chocolate chips and the smooth peanut butter and gently melt in a bain-marie. Meanwhile, gently heat the cream to a simmer. Combine the cream to the melted chocolate and stir until smooth.  Cool slightly at room temperature.
  5. Gently spoon the ganache over the peanut caramel, filling the pastry case up as much as you can. Leave at room temperature to set slightly before moving to the fridge and chilling overnight.
  6. On the day of serving, make the peanut brittle. In a small saucepan, over a low heat, add the caster sugar. Don’t touch or stir the sugar, if it’s melting unevenly, give the pan a gentle shake but do not stir or it will be grainy. On a parchment paper-lined tray, scatter across the chopped peanuts. The sugar will dissolve to a deep amber colour liquid. Pour over the peanuts, careful of the hot sugar. Leave to cool completely until breaking into shards.
  7. To decorate, dust the top with the cocoa powder and arrange the peanut brittle and nougat on the top however you like.
  • Prep Time: 2 hours
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Category: Tart, Chocolate, Peanut
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: British

Snickers Tart Recipe with Salted Caramel -

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