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I love my group of friends. Those beautiful weirdos know how to keep me on my toes and always up for any group activities, we may not have the appropriate footwear or flounce about but there is a certain level of commitment to the cause. Last year for my friend Bernie’s birthday the girls went to The Oxo Tower in London for an afternoon tea which was delightful. This year in a weird way was more fitting to Bernie and the group.

She picked for us to visit the Hunterian Museum in London, based at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. ‘Based on John Hunter’s collection of human anatomy and pathology as well as natural history and works of art.’   Our group love a bit of science and this was a fantastic place to see the development of medical science and the advancements in knowledge. That being said there is a lot of pickled bits. Being an unusual person, I found it fascinating and the samples were all arranged in the various body parts across the species, jaws, paws and more interesting body parts shall we say. We spent ages looking at all the specimens and found it truly interesting until we watched a fairly up close and personal film of brain surgery,  funnily that was what made everyone a bit queasy.

Like normal people who have spent most of their Saturday looking at pickled bits, we went for Sausages and Mash! I’m going to take the higher ground and keep the sausage puns to a minimal which if you knew me, is very hard….ahem.

Source - What's On In London

Source – What’s On In London


Source – What’s On In London

Mother Mash in Soho was made for my friend Bernie who is a huge fan of sausage and mash.  There may even have been an incident in Berlin about ordering one but that’s for another day. The menu split down into Mash, Sausages and Gravy, finally sides.  Like lumps in your mash? No problem! Like to mix and match sausage flavours? No problem!

Out of the six people there, we all had different orders to our tastes. I went for the Cheesy Mustard Mash, one Pork and Chilli Sausage, one Pork and Leek and one of the daily special sausage of Pork, Sage and Garlic (I had an extra sausage for a £1). I also went for the Farmer Gravy which I had never heard of before which was a gravy of red wine, mushrooms and bacon. Meaty.  Just a sexy bowl of comfort. Juicy, meaty packed sausages with plenty of silky mash.

Mother Mash Mother Mash

We shared some side dishes, but to be honest, we might have overdone it as three sausages and the big pillow of mash was quite a bit of food. But the buttery cabbage and the super cheesy cauliflower cheese went beautifully with the bangers. There was even a friendly fight over the golden crunchy bits still stuck to the bowl.

Mother Mash

After saying that the side dishes were too much and the sausages were filling, of course, we still had pudding! I went for the Cherry Pie with Custard. To be totally honest it wasn’t the best fruit pie I’ve ever had, it was tad heavy and the pastry was more suited for a savoury pie. I would have preferred a slice of pie and a lattice top but saying that the filling was bursting with juicy cherries and as you can see it wasn’t a mean amount of custard!

I had a lovely day and evening catching up with amazing friends, plotting tattoos, trips and future fancy dress parties, which meant getting the train back to Bristol was even harder, but that might of been the gin….

Mother Mash

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