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The foodie Saturday continues, the pudding lunch and then on the need for something savoury… Wandering around the Soho area there was a magnetic pull to one of my favourite restaurants. A place that I dream of returning as soon as I’ve left the building and still full of the meaty treats. Of course, it’s Flesh and Buns!  God damn those buns were tasty. My cousin and I said we were only going to share one flesh and a set of buns as we had eaten quite a bit today…that was until we saw the express menu for £19 for 2 courses and a drink. Oops!


Since my first visit back in November, I’ve been kicking myself for not trying out the Korean Chicken Wings as seen so many great reviews of them. One personal review from my brother who raves about these beauties. Unlike other chicken wings, they aren’t jointed into smaller pieces so you end up with a bowl of what can only be described as pterodactyl dinosaur wings in size. Slathered in an addictive concoction of sour, hot, sticky sweet sauce that ends up everywhere. My mouth is watering just writing about them now, remembering the super-crisp coating….hubba hubba. There’s only one way to eat them and go full-blown cave lady style and gnaw until you are picking over the bare bones.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Flesh and Buns concept, you pick various sexy flesh meaty options to assemble into super soft bao buns with piles of pickles and layers of lettuce. Things dreams are made of. After only going for one flesh we ended up ordering two naturally. The crispy piglet belly with mustard miso and apple pickle. Just look at that. I mean have you ever seen a better sight? Crisp skin, meltingly tender flesh with crisp pickle apple to bring a freshness to the richness.

IMG_6191 IMG_6192

The second flesh we went for was the crispy duck leg with sour plum sauce and beetroot pickle. A mountain of crispy oh so crispy duck with the richness offset by a sour note of the plum sauce. Oh and always order a second round of steamed buns as you will definitely need more of those dreamy soft as a cloud bun.

IMG_6193 IMG_6194

You would now rightly think after having three puddings for lunch at The Pudding Bar we wouldn’t be able to fancy another sweet treat. Oh, how wrong you are. We went for Kinako Donuts with black sugar custard which was just oozing with sexiness. How we managed them I don’t know but when they taste so good then there was no doubt that we would.

IMG_6195 IMG_6196

Definitely check out Flesh and Buns if you’re in town as you need to experience those buns. I wished there was one in Bristol but also I don’t as I would never experience any other restaurants as I would move in there.

Address Book

Flesh and Buns

41 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LX

Tel: 020 3019 3492



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