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Passing through the Art Deco mirror-lined and blush pink bar, to the dining room of the Brasserie of Light housed within Selfridges department store, you’re transported to the ideal for ladies who lunch. Snug booths for gossiping over a glass of bubbles or to let your feet rest from all the retail therapy. Or for the reason, we were visiting, to head to the Christmas selection to oooh over the shiny tree decorations and start building our Christmas wish lists. Which definitely means lunch is needed afterwards.

Art Deco Bar at Brasserie of Light, Selfridges,


There is a mix of classic brasserie dishes like Chicken Milanese, Steaks and Pan-Fried Sea Bass and others with a modern twist like the Shrimp and Avocado Burger and Tuna Tacos. We opted for a range of dishes from their starter and snacks section of the menu to have smaller dishes to try a nice mix of what was on offer.

Zucchini Fritti. A firm favourite for my cousin and I, addictively pick worthy whilst catching up. The long strand of lightly coated courgette strands, deep-fried to a satisfying crunch. Arriving at the table in a golden heaped mound with fresh lemon to be squeezed over for freshness to cut through. Order one per two people as you will get through them all I promise!

Zucchini Fritti Brasserie of Light, Selfridges,

Wild Mushroom and Truffle Rice Balls. I love arancini balls. Got to love cheesy carbs deep-fried! Add in the woody earthy flavour of truffles then I’m in heaven. These are small little balls, which again with vanish very quickly, especially with their snowy parmesan top.

Wild Mushroom and Truffle Rice Balls, Brasserie of Light, Selfridges

Avocado and Sesame Fried Chicken with Jalapeno Dip. Fried chicken is another family favourite between me and my cousin. This was definitely being ordered! Lightly coated tender chicken with impossibly crispy edges to cling on to as much of the creamy jalapeno dip as possible.

Avocado and Sesame Fried Chicken with Jalapeno Dip, Brasserie of Light, Slefridges,

Burrata, Crushed Hazelnuts, Tomato, Quince and Aged Balsamic. Not exactly the prettiest plate after the burrata has been split and all its creamy middle is cascading over the plate but what it lacks in appearance, makes up in spades in flavour. The earthy nuttiness from the hazelnuts pairs beautifully with the cream, with the sharpness of the quince and balsamic to keep the dish from being overly rich.

Burrata, Crushed Hazelnuts, Tomato, Quince and Aged Balsamic, Brasserie of Light, Selfridges,

Fried Chicken Dumpling, Truffle and Citrus. A slightly odd dish that I kind of digged, I love a dumpling and this was juicy chicken-filled gyozas, in a tempura batter fried! I loved the truffle and the fresh citrus along with it as well as the giant rice cracker on top. Personally, could have done without the tempura element to make is a tad of a lighter eat but still delicious.

Fried Chicken Dumpling, Truffle and Citrus, Brasserie of Light, selfridges

After all the delicious savoury, of course, there was still room in our second pudding stomach. I went for the Snow White looking Fallen Fruit which wasn’t a poisonous apple, but Morello Cherry Sorbet, Dark Chocolate centre with a Cherry Compote and Chocolate Biscuit Soil. Refreshing sorbet, like biting into a fresh cherry with the rightly so classic combination with the dark chocolate for a match made in heaven. The mirror glaze was perfection with a shine I could nearly see my face in. The chocolate soil gives the dessert a great contrasting texture with the rich jammy compote.

Morello Cherry Sorbet, Dark Chocolate centre with a Cherry Compote and Chocolate Biscuit Soil - Brasserie of Light, Selfridges

Book your table now for a space of calm and pampering, in the mayhem of the January sales.

Sparkling Pegus at Brasserie of Light, Selfridges,

Address Book 

Brasserie of Light

400 Oxford St, Duke St, Marylebone, London W1A 1AB

Tel: 020 3940 9600



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