Homemade Gherkins Part 2 Recipe

So back in May time, I made for the first time some glorious gherkins and said I would post some pictures of them after they’ve had their 2 months hibernating away in my cupboard. I realised it has been longer than 2 months and the truth is they’ve been at my rentals house and they have been nibbling away at them and I’ve only just managed to get to them!

Well – they have a kick and if you like vinegar you’re in for a treat! I love gherkins and must admit they will clear your sinuses! But saying that when they are sliced and sandwiched with a mountain of pastrami and between rye bread or a bagel and a spread of mustard, you’ll just think they compliment.

Also unlike the shop bought they have retained some bite, not limp and slimly – a nice image I know – which I like.

Would I make these again? The next pack of cucumbers are in my fridge waiting for their pickling doom…..

My Beauties

Nom Nom Nom

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