London Ice Cream Tour – Review

We have had the grand total of one hot sunny day this Summer. It just so happened that for this one glorious day I so happened to have arranged to go on an ice cream tour around London with my cousin. That’s right an ice cream tour! Set up by the mastermind of Chocolate Ecstasy Tour  which I and my cousin have enjoyed last year and you can read about our chocolate adventure here.

We met the wonderful Jennifer in Soho, along with four other ice cream fans in Snowflake, Soho. Whilst getting to know everyone on the tour we tucking in fluffy straight from the iron with lashings of melted chocolate, all washed down with a rich thick chocolate milkshake. So a light but delicious start to the tour!

Chocolate Waffle at Snowflake, London

We tried eight of Snowflakes, award winning gelato made on site every day with organic Jersey milk, organic cream and sugar. From left to right – Strawberry, Salted Caramel, their Great Taste 2014 Supreme Champion Award Raspberry Sorbet and Dark Chocolate. The raspberry was indeed supreme and beyond fresh and tart. Of course, Salted Caramel was going to be one of our favourites too.

Gelato at Snowflake, Soho, London

I couldn’t get a picture before the other four gelato’s got attacked! Left to right – Stracciatella, Coffee, Hazelnut and Black Cherry. The hazelnut was very special indeed, deep nutty flavour. Beautiful.

Gelato at Snowflake, Soho, London

Wasn’t long before we were pounding the streets to the next gelato stop. The beauty of these tours not only do get to stuff your face with some amazing ice creams but you also get facts and history of the areas you visit which I love discovering the hidden gems past the usual touristy stops. Gelupo, with their icy blue awning and howling lupo luring us in.

Gelupo, Soho, London

I went for the fresh mint gelato bite. The vibrant in colour and flavour minty treat slathered in bitter chocolate made this morsel vanish in record time.

Gelato at Gelupo at Soho, London Gelato at Gelupo at Soho, London

Another treat we tried here was Gelupo’s Plum Sorbet. Such an interesting sorbet as was as creamy as a gelato but dairy free and full clean fresh plum notes. Dreamy.

Plum Sorbet at Gelupo at Soho, London

Now confession time, there was another stop after Gelupo but I may not have taken a picture. Bad blogger. It was a mango sorbet from Häagen-Dazs, which interesting the name was created by the original owners daughter as he wanted a Swiss sounding name as he thought in America a Swiss name would convey the quality for dairy. The name actually doesn’t mean anything!

Our next stop was another award winning gelato producers, La Gelatiera in Covent Garden. Racking up the number of Taste Awards and quite rightly, with their amazing collection of flavours.

 La Gelatiera in Covent Garden, London  La Gelatiera in Covent Garden, London

Sicilian pistachio gelato, was beautifully creamy and floral with the deep  pistachio flavour. Probably one of my favourite gelato that we tried on the tour. Could happily eat this bad boy till the cows came home.

Pistachio Gelato at La Gelatiera, London

Another delicious flavour we tried was honey, rosemary and orange zest. The savoury notes of the rosemary with the zing of the orange and floral notes of the honey was just spot on. Brilliant.

Honey, Rosemary and Orange Gelato at La Gelatiera, London

At this point we were getting pretty full but with so many more great ice creams and gelatos to try we manned up and ploughed into the next stop at Morelli’s in Covent Garden. With strong Italian roots you know you’re in for a treat.

Morelli's in Covent Garden, London Morelli's in Covent Garden, London

As Summer was in full force, their WildBerry flavour showcased the best of the season with a mixture of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and wild strawberries. Summer in a scoop.

Wild Berry Gelato at Morelli's in Covent Garden, London

One of the stand out samples of the day was the orange sorbet swirled with chocolate ice cream, with a contrast of textures and the tang of the oranges and rich bitter chocolate to delivery a thing of beautiful.

Orange Gelato at Morelli's in Covent Garden, London

Sharp tart and pure lemon joy in the form of their lemon sorbet would be fabulous with prosecco poured over it for an extra treat.
Lemon Gelato at Morelli's in Covent Garden, London

Our final stop on this wonderful tour was Gelatorino in Covent Garden, with it’s gleaming rows of shiny lidded pozzetti to help maintain the quality of the gelato they are producing on site with sexy flavours, such as Breakfast in Turin – Coffee and Chocolate, Panettone, Spiced Poached Pear and the list goes on and on.

 Gelatorino in Covent Garden, London

A very naughty way to end the tour we tried their super rich dark chocolate gelato dipped in melted Gianduja sauce, beyond words how delicious this was. The combination of the cold and hot and the deep richness of the chocolate and hazelnut. I can’t wait to go back when they have their Prosecco Sorbet special.

Chocolate Gelato at Gelatorino in Covent Garden, London

I had such a wonderful day and loved learning all about the different types of ice cream and gelato as well as the history of the areas we were exploring. I would highly recommend this tour as well as the chocolate tours. Why not give one a go or do as I did last year and give tickets to the tours to friends and family for their Christmas presents??

(I paid for the tour in full, all views and opinions are my own. I just like sharing great food!)

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