Aron’s Jewish Delicatessen, Bristol – Review

The hustle and bustle of 5th Avenue. The lights and sounds of Time Square. The tranquility that can be found in Central Park. Lady Liberty staring on from her island. There is no denying that New York is a very special place. The beautiful combination of so many people coming together and sharing their culture and importantly their cuisines. I first visited New York for my 19th birthday and ever since then I’ve been smitten. I was just blown away with the varied food on offer on every street of Manhattan. One highlight that sticks out in my memory and the place I make sure everyone who is planning a visit goes to is Zabar’s on Upper Broadway. Zabar’s need to be seen by your own eyes. Barrels of coffee. Cheeses after Cheeses. Sides of salmon being hand filleted. Hunks of salt beef. What makes them special is that there is kitchenware shop above so you can get all the kit to make your creations with. As well as a deli next door serving traditional Jewish dishes and where I had my first taste of chicken soup & matzoh ball. Sold!

Of course, I sadly can’t be flying over to New York every time I have a craving for good hearty and wholesome Jewish food.  Lucky for me the only Jewish deli has opened in Bristol and it’s incredible! Aron’s Jewish Delicatessen, on Chandos Road is an absolute gem and needs to be visited asap.

My housemates and I rocked up for a Sunday brunch and went away with full stomachs and silly grins on our faces as to how happy the food at Aron’s made us.

Maps of Brooklyn and Manhattan line the tables just to fuel my wanderlust. Aron’s Delicatessen’s co-founders Marta Aron and Steve Varcoe originally met in Budapest before moving to Bristol in 2013. They missed home cooking and decided to open a restaurant serving Hungarian Jewish “comfort” food made with top quality ingredients from Bristol and the South West.

I went for the Salt Beef Hash with Fried Eggs. Unassuming name on the menu led to a plate of complex flavours. Hefty chunks of home brined salt beef, in a mustard and paprika coating with fried tender crisp-edged  potatoes and perfectly oozy fried eggs. A decadent way to start the day but sets you up for a good one.

2015-10-11 14.55.15-1

When scanning the menu and the side dishes, we knew that we weren’t just sticking to our main dishes. Chicken Crackling with pickled red onion made for a naughty addition, but such a great snack alongside by adding a hit of crunch. Also, a plate of plain latkes to mop up that oozy sunshine yolk.

2015-10-11 14.55.53

My housemate went for the Lox Bagel, with cream cheese and a whole host of different pickles and potato salad. The lox as well pickled by the deli. At the rate this bagel didn’t last on her plate, I can only imagine how good it was…thanks for sharing!

2015-10-11 14.56.25

After our savoury feast and the Sunday sun lulling us to a food nap, we needed sugar and sweetness, which came in the form of traditional Hungarian cake Flodni. Different fillings sandwiched between pastry for multiflavored and texture sensations. A sweet poppy seed layer, candied walnuts, cinnamon apple and finishing with a chocolate filling making for a very special treat and the perfect way to end our visit to our slice of the Big Apple in Bristol. I just can’t wait to come back to try their chicken soup & matzoh ball soon, especially now cold season is upon us!

2015-10-11 15.36.33

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