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This Sunday is Mother’s Day and I want to talk time to share how awesome my mum is. I’ve complied a list of some of my favourite things about my mum. From this long list you can she that she is the best mum and friend a daughter could ever ask for.

– Introduced me to cooking and baking and nurtured my interest to develop into my full blown passion that it is today. So supportive in fact, still super positive when I made creme brulee at school with 4 sachets of gelatin instead of 1/2 a teaspoon that was needed and enough fresh ginger to create a fiery bounceball of a dessert and claimed it was not my best but at least looked nice.

– One of the most gentle beautiful souls around and cares deeply.

– Has an insane memory so remembers Great Great Great Uncles birthdays and the age they would of been.

– Has special powers of persuasion to make you share a chocolate dessert or sticky toffee pudding with her.

– Been watching Eastenders and Neighbours since the shows began, yet when prompted to explain a current plot line is unable to remember a single characters name.

– Can plan a extensive holiday to military precision with a ring binder folder and laminated maps. And can sniff out unique experiences like riding across the Golden Gate Bridge on a preserved fire engine as you do!

196077_5407144492_8708_n– Always the place to go for good sound life advice and the port of call when I need some clarity.

– She can rock the hell out of a hat. Family weddings are the perfect excuse for a new big hat.

15081_10151304441359493_1101708628_n (2)

– She can’t dance when a song turns to an instrumental part, as she dances along to the words than the rhythm of the music. Amazing to watch.

– My mum has an amazing laugh that sometimes results in a silent shaking and crying laughter. These episodes are known as ‘having a moment’ which ultimately makes me laugh so much more than the tiny bad joke that started the ‘moment’. One of my favourite ‘moments’ was when me and my cousin had taken the mothers to a chocolate making course and while the lady was telling us the process of chocolate making, both mums popped a lump of cocoa butter in their mouths then had a joint ‘moment’ when told that it wasn’t for eating and would taste fairly bad. Not funny at all but enough to trigger a ‘moment’.

222521_692839856578_1165122214_n (2)

– On a family holiday to Florida whilst paying for the churros she had just bought us all, while getting her change a bird plucked her churro from her hand. Over the years the bird has morphed from a sparrow all the way up to a bald headed eagle. She swears it nearly carried her off as well as the churro. Churros have never been the same.

– Clearly passed on the cool gene to her two children…


– Puts up with us joking that she is shrinking and can easily tuck under our shoulders and soon will be able to live in our pockets.

– Knows how to entertain like a boss. Mum knows how to feed people on scale at a drop of a hat. One time my friend was just in the area and popped by my parents around lunch time, in the space of 30 minutes my mum had created a whole table of delights, including full charcuterie board, selection of cheeses, seared scallops, honey mustard sausages on the go, homemade bread in the oven and a chocolate dessert she just happened to have around the house. Like a boss.


– Incredibly talented when it comes to crafts and art. Over the years we’ve tried glass painting, quilling, quilting, crochet, watercolours, beading, jewelry making, drawing, wood carving and our last adventure into the world of glass making. All at various stages of being finished and with the biggest art cupboard she even has a little art studio for all her projects.


– Also makes amazing papercuts. For my Christmas present a few years ago she made me the best present ever. A papercut in the shape of the Eiffel Tower made up with all the places I had traveled to and meant something special to me. Mad skills.

548181_10151383437979493_1387050413_n (2)

– She once karate chopped a family lap dog that tried to jump on her lap. The dog was fine and it was a perfect example of her lightening reflects when to stay away from a dog.

– Embraces all our crazy hobbies with enthusiasm and all in attitude, which led to her dressing like a member of the government scientist ready to steal ET to experiment on, when my Dad started being a bee keeper. This was how I opened my front door one morning…not the weirdest mornings.

2011-07-24 21.06.22

– Instilled in me and my brother a love of food and to at least trying something once before we could claim we didn’t like it. Which meant at the age of 5 I was knocking back oysters in Brittany like a baby sparrow. Also selfless when it comes to sharing her food, as I used to stand at her elbow when she was having her treat lunch of smoked mackerel and she would share her lunch again like a sparrow. She also makes amazing menu choices, so much so my sister in law won’t order until she knows what my mum will order. And most likely then copy her choices.

2012-05-26 20.31.10

– Puts up with the most unusual nicknames and will happily answer to them. Spam, Mothercare, Elizabethan England, Jean Luc Pickard, Jambon, Annie (her name is Jan).

– The pure joy on her face whilst flying a kite is just magical. Even though we joke she’s so little, a strong breeze is going to take her off into the trees.

2013-06-15 15.53.28

– Most of all she is an incredible mum and best friend which in turn makes me and my family crazy lucky to have won the lottery of mums. She has the biggest heart which I’m fortunate to be in.

Happy Mother’s Day Spam, love you millions x


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