Chiltern Firehouse and Purl, London – Review

I’ve been celebrating quite a few 30th birthdays recently and love the excuse to don a dress and scamper to Laaaandon town with my friends. Even though I went to Istanbul to celebrate with the two Charlotte’s I wasn’t going to miss the London celebration with the rest of our friends. You can see our Istanbul trip here & here.

For our London meet up we paid the beautiful Chiltern Firehouse a visit. Stepping from the street to the lush courtyard with secret corners and nooks into the sleek restaurant, open buzzing kitchen and a bar that seems to go on for miles. Whether it was wisely decided by the restaurant or well planned by my friend, the group of my wonderful friends was in a separate room to ourselves off the main area, which meant we could laugh that bit louder and really get stuck into brunch whilst raising a glass of bubbles to my dear friends celebrating their 30th birthdays.

There was no way that the Bacon Cornbread with chipotle-maple butter for the table nibbles were going to be passed over. A delicious crisp exterior and fluffy interior packing a punch of meaty flavour slathered in the smokey sweet butter. These beauties did not last long on our table at all.


As we were brunching it up, the room was pretty much split on the Benedict choices. Half went for the Eggs Royale with Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon, toasted brioche and looked stunning. I’m not a huge smoked salmon fan but you can’t deny this is a fabulous plate of food.


I, of course, went for the brilliant sounding Eggs Benedict with cheese muffin, glazed ham & hollandaise. The eggs were perfectly cooked, there is nothing more disappointing then overcooked poached eggs, eggs that don’t ooze their golden yolk to be moped up with the toasted muffin and salty smoked ham. One of the finest brunches I’ve ever had and well worth to celebrate with friends.


The dessert menu is pretty spectacular as well. I went for the minimalist named Milk and Honey. Milk meringues, honey jelly cubes, a drizzle of London honey, bee pollen and milk ice cream. I love how this dessert allowed the natural pure flavours really shine through and made the ingredients the real star of the show. Beautiful and light for Summer and to put a spring in our step.


Blinking out into the sunlight we made a hop, skip and jump across the road to Purl London cocktail lounge, were we nestled into a vaulted cove and poured over the insane and wonderful cocktails. We ordered a range to have a good mixture to try out.

Mr Hyde is one of Purl’s icon cocktails – Bacardi 8, our own cola syrup. Smoked then wax sealed and served in a coffee fog. Perfect theatre to start the evening and to satisfy both of your personalities


My brother went for the Mountain Retreat – Biscardi coffee shot, Borsci, Purl’s egg liquor presented with firing Pernod absinthe. Packed a punch and don’t for the faint-hearted, would be perfect to warm up with after a day on the slopes. We might have nearly lost our eyebrows trying this one…


The next drink had a warning on the menu that it wasn’t for those with a weak heart. Cerez Joker – Dalmore 15, Haymans sloe gin, fresh lemon, ginger bitters, with a balloon that is detonated at the table to release a lemon twist over the drink. Warning needed for the whole table, not just the drinker!


I went for the Sup & Go- Olmeca Altos reposado, sherry, fresh lime & peach bitter served and sipped from a sprout bag. Must admit I was slightly disappointed that my drink didn’t have the same level of jazz hands of the other drinks had and being the youngest of the group my friends they teased me that I was only allowed a pouch rather than a glass like the rest of the adults. A great drink with a great fresh taste with levels with the peach and sherry to make it a refreshing drink not last long at all.


We had such a great day with delicious food, entertaining drinks and more importantly many many laughs with truly wonderful friends. Happy Birthday, girls! x

Address Book

Chiltern Firehouse

1 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 7PA

Tel: 020 7073 7676


Purl London

50-54 Blandford St, Marylebone, London W1U 7HX

Tel: 020 7935 0835



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  1. 16 October, 2015 / 1:42 pm

    OOh love this, can’t wait to go myself!

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