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I love a good steak. Actually there is nothing finer in life than a sexy well-cooked steak. Not well done cooked steak, heavens no. But a juicy tender rare steak. In hunting this gem out, I have a new favourite restaurant. The Ox in Bristol is relatively new and absolutely smashing it out of the park.  Under the Commercial Rooms on Corn Street, there a dark hub of meat joy.

They do a crazy offer Monday to Saturdays, 5 pm- 7 pm, a 6 oz rump steak, chips, sauce and a glass of house wine for £12.50. I mean that’s a crazy good deal and the fact the steak is so utterly delicious, I want to go there for dinner every night at that price.

Of course, once looking at the menu we couldn’t just have the steak. We got a couple of starters to share. Firstly, the plate of the ridiculously crispy and fresh deep-fried soft shell crab with chilli mayo. So good and only heightening our hunger for more great food.


Next to share was the fried cauliflower with chilli, tahini and lemon. A delightful discovery. I love the heat of the chilli with the creamy tahini and crisp nuggets of cauliflower. Really want to try this out at home.


Lastly to share ( because heavens when the steak came I wasn’t sharing a thing!) was the Duck ham, Burrata and Peach salad. I first had burrata cheese back in Madrid where it was described as mozzarella’s slutty cousin.  Well, if that description hasn’t sold you then I don’t know what will! Mozzarella which during the produce has double cream working in to make it meltingly sexy. Pair that with fresh vibrant Summer peaches and dark rich cured duck breast you are on to a sure winner.

IMG_5532 IMG_5533

Then steak time had arrived and I couldn’t have been any happier! A rare steak cooked to perfection and with a slight smoky note which means you just don’t want to finish your plate of food. Silky buttery bearnaise sauce to dunk your tender stripes of flesh into and crispy golden chips. A truly joyous plate of food. Just perfection.


Who am I kidding that I won’t have a dessert when presented with such a tempting list of sweet treats. Luckily my awesome housemate is the kind of friend who will happily share so we can try different desserts. She’s a keeper. We went for the INSANE black cherry and bourbon sorbet and scoop of white peach sorbet. Incredibly fresh and flavoursome after our rich meal.


Was so good that we went for the light dessert of the sorbet as the other dessert we went for, was the Chocolate Delice, peanut butter crunch and salt caramel ice cream. Hubba Hubba. So rich, so dark and so uber wrong it’s oh so right. The right balance of salty, sweet and crunchy and silk smooth, meant we polished this plate of all that is good in the world in disgustingly quick time.


I would highly recommend a visit to The Ox the food is fantastic quality and the staff are ridiculously helpful and friendly. In fact, I’ve been three times in the last month, please I can’t stay away from those sexy steaks. Warning you may become as obsessed as I am about The Ox.

Address Book

The Ox

43 Corn St, Bristol BS1 1HT

Tel: 0117 922 1001



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