Aladdin Afternoon Tea, Cutter & Squidge – Review

What would you do if a genie granted you three wishes? Money? Cars? Afternoon Teas? Just me then? My cousins and I set off on an adventure to find our own Genie to get our three wishes at an Aladdin Afternoon Tea at Cutter & Squidge. Being a big Disney fan, I couldn’t wait to see how they made edible creations of one of my favourite films of all time.

Genie Sign

Welcome to the Cave of Wonders, what delicious treasures will lay within?

Treasure Chest

Abu is that you?

Monkey Lamp

When it’s Sunday and you’re at an afternoon tea with your crazy cousins, bellini’s are a must!


I got my own Genie lamp for my blood orange tea. Nothing happened when I tried to get my three wishes!

Genie Lamp

To properly start, we were greeted by the Genie’s Welcome, a stunning dessert, with a layer of raspberry cream, studded with pomegranate seeds, mint leaves, meringue drops, stands of vanilla pashmak (Persian candy floss) and topped with a crown of toasted meringue, which needed to be cracked open to release the genie.

Genie Meringue

Look at this array of beauties for us to enjoy! I may be peering intently at them in the background of the below picture.

Afternoon Tea Cake Selection

Truth time, my least favourite part of an afternoon tea is the sandwiches. But that’s mainly because I don’t like egg mayonnaise or smoked salmon sandwiches, but these were great as there wasn’t an egg or fish in sight! Cucumber & Fresh Mint, Cheese & Tomato Jam and Coronation Chicken sharing the stage with a Dessert Rose Tart, with thinly sliced roasted vegetables.

Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

Got to love more savoury food to balance out some of all the sugar you are about to plough into. Savoury Scones Swirls, with roasted peppers and feta cheese and Golden Cheese Clouds with cream cheese and tomato chutney, made for a tasty treat instead of the usual scone option.

Savoury Treat At Afternoon Tea

Moving on the more the sweet goodness in the middle tier, how about flying away to hot lands to find your own Genie on these Magic Carpet biscuits.

Magic Carpet Biscuit

Now, the next item was the one that my cousins and I could have eaten tiers and tiers of, Hidden Gem Macaron, with peanut butter and jelly. We love anything peanut butter but oh my, these were delicious.  And look how cute the lamps look as well.

Peanut Butter Macaron

The Raspberry & Rose Tart, sprinkled with pistachio emeralds brought a fabulous taste of the Middle East to the afternoon tea, in this miniature beautiful little tart.

Raspberry and Rose Tart

At the top of the tier was glistering jewels, we had the Ruby Dream Cake with vanilla sponge, strawberry ganache, an orange glaze and topped with a ruby jelly that Abu would have wanted to definitely have wanted to get his paws on.

Cake Section

Flakes with gold leaf, the Golden Treasure Biskie, a pair of delicious chocolate biscuits with a chocolate ganache and nestled a liquid middle speculoos pearl.

24 Carat Chocolate Biscuit

And of course, we were given a some of the Genie’s treasure from the Cave of Wonder to take home with us, my chocolate coins maybe didn’t make it home…

Chocolate Gold Coins

Address Book 

Cutter & Squidge

20 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 0SJ

Tel: 020 7734 2540



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