Forever Young {Review – Paul A. Young Chocolates}

It’s been a while since the last cousin meet up for a foodie fest. So we are kicking off the new year in true cousin fashion by heading off the train and straight to our favourite chocolate shops ever. I’ve written many, many posts on here about my love for Paul.A Young‘s truffles and think the flavours are inspirational and always bring a smile to my face as well as a sense of Augustus Gloop state of lust.

Weaving our way to the promise land of chocolate, like magpies we were drawn to a shine and bright window in the overcast morning. God’s Own Junk Yard is currently celebrating the works of Chris Bracey & 40 years of Neon in a #LightsofSoho show and such a cool show and with such striking neon lights you can see why everyone had their cameras out and snapping away!

IMG_0436 IMG_0437

This one below was like a sign (pun intended) that we were on the path to find our chocolatey treats. I just need to get a kitchen big enough to get this beauty on my wall.


Ahhh my old friends, how I’ve missed you and all your friends.


Of course, I couldn’t just have a look at the new flavours without sampling them. A nine chocolate box was calling my name and a get my mitts on some classic favourites and new treats.IMG_6773 IMG_6775

A new flavour – Blood Orange Martini, 72% Venezuelan dark chocolate, 35% Valrhona white chocolate, gin martini and blood orange. A beautiful delicate fruity note from the blood orange, which every year I’m so happy when the season is back in full swing. The gin isn’t too punch of old chocolate liqueurs of the past. This is how I want all my martini’s now.Blood Orange

Mulled Wine – 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, Chateau Civac Malbec and mulling spices. Christmas may be over but I’m not over these delicious spiced beauty. Just slicing open this sphere of joy, released the most amazing fruity wine note paired with clove and cinnamon, with a deep warmth that need to be paired next to a log fire. A shame to only have it at Christmas time.Mulled Wine

Persian Spices – 35% Valrhona white chocolate, Persian spices, Ras el hanout, cinnamon and double cream. I was concerned that this chocolate was going to be overpowering with the spice levels. But I was swept away with the delicate perfume of the spices with the vanilla notes from the white chocolate. Beautiful.Persian

Peanut Butter & Raspberry – 40% Valrhona milk chocolate, crunchy peanut butter and raspberry reduction. One of my favourites, the perfect blend of rich earthy peanut butter and the tart deep fruit of the raspberry. A classic.Peanut Butter

Yorkshire Tea & Biscuits – 40% Valrhona milk chocolate, Yorkshire tea and butter biscuit. I love the take on a classic British institute of tea and biscuits. Buttery biscuits, light floral tea notes. More tea Vicar??Tea

Passion Fruit – 70% Pacari Peruvian, 35% Valrhona white chocolate and passion fruit. Another one of my absolute favourites and if people new to these chocolates are picking then I always recommend this one. Tart curd cutting through the Pacari dark chocolate. A beauty to behold!Passionfruit

Peppermint & Coffee – 35% Valrhona White Chocolate, peppermint leaves, coffee beans, 72% Venezuelan dark chocolate. A new flavour to the range and one I was really excited to try out.  First you’re hitting with the refreshing menthol notes from the peppermint to then move aside for earthy rich coffee beans which just pairs up and gives the chocolate a leg up on sexiness.IMG_6790

Sea Salted Caramel- Award winning 64% Madagascan, sea salt caramel. Me and my cousins favourite of all time and think most peoples. The spot on level of salt to the silken smooth caramel. Never leave me Sea Salted Caramel!!Sea Salt

Spiced Rum – Kicking myself as forgot to get the description of this chocolate, but all you need to know that it was utterly delicious! I love me some rum and pairing it with chocolate – heaven! Good strong alcohol level that if you’re into your rums you’ll be exceedingly happy with.

Spiced Rum

What a lovely selection of chocolates to brighten anyone’s day. It had been too long to indulge in these beauties and can’t wait to try more this year!

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Paul A. Young

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Tel: 020 7437 0011



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