Bianchis Restaurant, Bristol, UK – Review

Where to start with Bianchis? The sister to the divine Pasta Ripiena and Pasta Loco with its own distinct menu style to tuck into. How about with the super friendly staff and a delicious glass of English wine to peruse the menu with? And what a menu! The lovely Eliza and I shared all the dishes, probably due to my chronic Fomo when ordering, or as others call it deep greed to try as much as possible.

Soft lit and snug, the perfect atmosphere for a special occasion, a date night or just a gathering of good friends wanting to get stuck into some delicious food.

To start, Castelfranco, treviso, pomegranate and Pecorino Sardo, a blend of bitter and sweet leaves dressed with a clean oil dressing with the tartness of the pomegranate with the creamy salty pecorino for a fresh start on a cold day. My deep love for Burrata meant we definitely got the Burratina, Winter tomatoes, oregano and farinata, a gloriously smokey crispbread to go with the always super sexy creamy ooze of a dreamy burrata. The freshness of the tomatoes cuts through the richness of the cheese. A dish I could eat all day long.

Castelfranco, treviso, pomegranate and Pecorino Sardo at Bianchis Bristol -

For our primi and pasta course, we went for two dishes to share. Casarecce Cacio E Pepe and Pappardelle, Veal, Prosciutto, Soave Ragu. The Casarecce Cacio E Pepe, a beautifully simple dish with the flavours and quality of the pasta really shines through. The pepper adds a great earthy heat through the richness.  The Pappardelle was the perfect winter dish, with a rib-sticking ragu coating silken pasta with the buttery tender prosciutto slices paired with the deep meatiness of the veal.

Casarecce Cacio e Pepe Pasta at Bianchis Bristol -

A shared secondi course as the trouser button was getting a tad tight at this point. Stuffed quail, delica pumpkin, fiolaro broccoli, ‘nduja and black olives. Beautifull tender quail with the stuffed ‘nduja, giving a fantastic heat to the sweetness from the flesh which also had a light char. The pumpkin was deliciously sweet and nutty, with the broccoli’s freshness cutting through the richness of the overall dish.

Stuffed quail, delica pumpkin, fiolaro broccoli, 'nduja and black olives at Bianchi Bristol

And because you have spare dessert stomach we had two between us, Burnt Lemon Tart with Mascarpone and the Chocolate Torte, Creme Fraiche and Almonds. The chocolate torte was insanely rich and perfect with the creme fraiche tartness. A dream for any chocolate lover. But the star of the show was the Burnt Lemon Tart, the best lemon tart I’ve ever tried. The punch of the lemon, unlike other tarts that have come before it, where there’s a tickle of lemon in the filling, with this tart there is absolute no doubt at all that this tart has all the lemons in its silken filling. A truly refreshing way to end a very special meal.

Burnt Lemon Tart with Mascarpone and the Chocolate Torte, Creme Fraiche and Almonds at Bianchis, Bristol

A wonderfully delicious meal with a warm atmosphere that made us feel at home straight away, allowing us to happily tucking with joyous abandon. I can’t wait to return throughout the seasons to see how the menu changes throughout the year.

Address Book 

Bianchis Restaurant

1-3 York Rd, Bristol, BS6 5QB

Tel: 0117 3294100



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