The Cowshed, Bristol – Review

I realised the last couple of posts have been very sweet orientated and needed to rectify this. After all there 

Being new to Bristol, I had to do my research and ask around my work friends and the consensus place for a Sunday roast and amazing hunks of beef is The Cowshed. Home on Whiteladies Road and next to Ruby and White Butchers, a meaty haven. Carving the way in the premium butcher market, selling beautiful locally, ethically sourced and expertly prepared joints of beef, poultry and game. 

They’ve changed the look of butchers, far from the blood and sawdust butchers of the olden days, Ruby and Whites has preserved the link with their food and whilst making it a great shopping experience that doesn’t scare off the weak-hearted shopper. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of these wuss’s, I’ll get involved and actually after a butchery course to get suck in to! 

So they’ve cleverly opened a lovely restaurant next door to showcase their amazing produce.  For my mum’s birthday, like a good daughter, I treated her to a delicious meal! 

We started off sharing the rabbit terrine and was warned by the waiter to be careful of any small bones you might get with rabbit, but ours was just lovely. Served with toasted, onion marmalade and fresh salad to balance the game flavour of the delicate and well-seasoned rabbit. 

(Peter) Rabbit Terrine

Now my mum did have the seabass as she doesn’t really get a chance to cook it at home, dad being a fish wuss! I had to step up to the plate and try the roast. Epic! The 31 days aged West Country Sirloin roast was fantastic. Served on a platter with a mountain of Yorkshire puddings and crunchy roast potatoes, and the thickest slices I’ve ever had of roast beef and served medium rare (as it should be! I’m definitely in the school of rarer the better and well done is sacrilege!)     

Beauty on a wooden platter

If that wasn’t good enough (and if it isn’t then you’re like to be a vegetarian or crazy!) the roast comes with a plethora of delightful side dishes. Cauliflower cheese with a slightly crunchy top, buttery chantenay carrots and freshly steamed kale. We ploughed through them like a trooper, but they were delicious! 

Would you like a side with your cow?

Like all good pudding lover, I have a separate stomach for pudding, that no matter how much savoury food you’ve just eaten I still have room for a pudding. The treacle pudding and ice cream were calling to me… it was the best treacle pudding I had had. Fluffy, treacly, sticky and crisp topped and plenty of sauce so you don’t have half a sponge with no sauce to mop up. Yum. 

Nom O’Clock

It was around £30 per person so not the cheapest Sunday roast around but for special occasions and the quality speaks for its self. Giving it a go as I will definitely be going back again soon! 

Address Book 

The Cowshed

44-46 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol BS8 2NH

Tel: 0117 973 3550



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