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There are some restaurants that just keep popping up with sexy tempting dishes all over Instagram which just really make you want to reach into your phone to take a bite. Bao, in Soho, London is such a place. Dreamy soft cloud-like steam buns with meaty fillings, that just scream temptation. Me and my cousin paid a visit on the one hot day of Summer before embarking on an ice cream tour – yes you heard me right and there will be a write-up of it very soon.

We had timed it perfectly, as there was no one else in the queue so our wait was relatively short, compared to the people who were behind us. Always the trendsetters….


I love the menu and the order method, simply write down how greedy you are against each incredible dish and sit back while the beauties start rolling in.


Aubergine with Wonton Crisp. Ok granted not the prettiest dip you could ever lay your eyes on BUT beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as this was incredible. Smokey, garlic hit throughout this creamy dip paired with shards of crispy wontons.

IMG_3071Take a moment and just stare at of the most divine flesh you’ve laid eyes on.  40 Day Rump Cap with Aged White Soy Sauce. Melting tender beef with a gentle saltiness from the soy sauce. Standout dish.

I’ve written many time for my pure love for fried chicken. Sure it’s not classy but it tastes damn good. And Bao makes some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Juicy chicken, crisper than crisp batter with some fiery hot sauce- Fried Chicken Bao, you complete me.


Even more fried chicken. Same as in the bao buns but you’ll want more and so much more of the Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Hot Sauce. Trust me. I still dream of the fried chicken.


Not satisfied with just sample only the one bao bun, I went for the Lamb Shoulder Bao. Meltingly tender lamb roasted in Shaoxing wine. Green sauce. Garlic mayo and Soy pickled chillis. Cutting through the fatty richness of the lamb to make me one very happy FoodNerd.


My cousin went for the Confit Pork Bao and based on the short amount of time it was actually on her plate, I assume it was delicious!


Granted we were heading to spend our afternoon on a walking ice cream tour, we just had to try out dessert at Bao. Fried Horlicks Ice Cream served up in a deep-fried bao bun. The bun changed from a soft cloud to a chewy moorish little treat to end a fantastic meal.


Can’t wait to head back and fill myself with even more of these fantastic dishes. Well, worth a curbside wait in the rain or shine just to get your hands on that fried chicken!

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53 Lexington St, Soho, London W1F 9AS



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