Malaysian Afternoon Tea, Malaysian Kitchen – Review

To celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week, I’m going to share with you a special afternoon tea I attended a few weeks back as a part of the Bristol Food Connections festival. Made by the wonderful woman of Malaysian Kitchen, a feast of Malaysian treats which is definitely not your usual finger sandwiches and scones, but so much better! Who needs them when you can have the tastiest chicken satay around??

I had tried the Malaysian Kitchen’s cooking at a 91 Ways supper club, so jumped at the chance to try more of their food and you can’t blame me when you see what was on the menu!

Malaysian Kitchen Afternoon Tea Menu -

We started the tea with of course a cup of tea! Teh Tarik – Pulled tea, Malaysian sweetened milk tea. I totally fell in love with the sweetness level with my sweet tooth and drank far too many cups throughout the course of the afternoon.

Luckily, we started with some incredible savoury items to balance all my tea drinking! Pie Tee – Crispy pastry shell filled with vegetables and sweet chilli sauce. Using a special copper mould to fry the batter into the unique shape for filling, with the crisp vegetables. With only being able to make one cup at a time, this dish is a labour of love to feed everyone there!

More savoury items with the Karipap – Mayalasian fried pastry with spiced minced chicken and potato filling, which was completely addictive and beautifully crisp.

Finally, on this savoury plate the Pulut BonBon – Glutinous Rice with Spiced Beef Floss. So different from anything I’ve tried before and now I want more! Loved the texture of the rice with the crispy beef.

Pie Tee, Karipap, Pulut BonBon at Malaysian Kitchen Afternoon Tea -

Each dish was introduced by Zaleha and Nafeesa, two parts of the Malaysian Kitchen supper team behind making the beautiful dishes for us.

Zaleha Kadir Olpin and Nafeesa Akma at Malaysian Kitchen Afternoon Tea -

The next dish was sublime and a firm favourite of mine. Roti Jula & Malay Curry – Malaysian Lace Pancake served with chicken & potato curry. Delicate lace pancakes to soak up the fragrant curry sauce, with the tender chicken and potato. I could happily eat this dish all day long, so beautifully balanced.

Roti Jula & Malay Curry at Malaysian Kitchen Afternoon Tea -

When I tried the Malaysian Kitchens cooking at a 91 Ways Supper Club, a stand out dish was the Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, Spiced Chicken Skewers served with sweet & spicy peanut sauce. Tender chicken with a sweet clean-tasting sauce with peanut sauce, lighter than other satay sauces, making it far too addictive and moreish. The satay was served with Bihun Gorreng – Stir Fry Rice Noodles in Soy Sauce and Bean Sprouts. Flavoursome noddles, perfect for capturing all the delicious satay sauce.

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and Bihun Gorreng at Malaysian Kitchen Afternoon Tea -

On to the dessert part of the afternoon tea. Kuih Bakar – Traditional Maylay Baked Pandan Custard Dessert. A delicately perfumed custard with a light lime colour, lovely creamy texture. Next the Bubur Kacang – Mung Bean Porridge Cooked in Coconut Milk, the sweetened coconut milk with the slight earthy note from the beans, to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Kuih Bakar and Bubur Kacang at Malaysian Kitchen Afternoon Tea -

To finish with the MK Mess – Homemade Coconut Meringue with Tropical Fruits with Mango Puree and Cream with Roasted Coconut. A delicious crisp meringue with the sharpness of the fruit, a great way to end a fabulous meal. Was lovely to not have a complete sugar rush afterwards like most afternoon teas, but was such a balanced menu from start to finish, which when I had finished, wished I could start it all over again!

MK Mess – Homemade Coconut Meringue with Tropical Fruits with Mango Puree and Cream with Roasted Coconut at Malaysian Kitchen Afternoon Tea -

It was such a lovely event, incredible food and a great way to try all sorts of different dishes, as well as not having the usual afternoon selection. Check out their website for their upcoming events and catering options.


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