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Vegetarians and Vegans, you might want to skip this post, as it’s going to get meaty up in here, with me telling you all about my recent trip to the meat haven of Pasture, Bristol.

Where all the steaks are from southwest farms where the cattle are raised on pasture as well as being dry-aged for a minimal of 35 days. Where prize cuts such as Tomahawks, T-bones and chateaubriand are brought to the table for you to have a look before being cooked over charcoal and wild cherry wood for a deep rich flavour to the char on the steak.

Meat Board at Pasture, Bristol - Best places to eat in Bristol -

We didn’t feel like big ballers that evening so didn’t go for the sharing steaks this time but instead took our time to pour over the menu with the other treats on offer.

Short Rib Croquettes with Gochujang Aioli. Meltingly tender beef in a crispy fried shell, with the smoky spice from the aioli with the added kick from the gochujang, a great starter that wasn’t too much before the main event of the steaks.

SHORT RIB CROQUETTES / gochujang aioli at Pasture, Bristol -

Sirlion Steak with Truffle Chips & Cornish Gouda, Bearnaise Sauce. A deliciously smokey steak, cooked perfectly over that impressive grill. I like my steak rare and this was spot on. And what better to be paired with a great steak but crisp and fluffy chunky skin-on chips with a healthy drizzle of truffle oil for a lovely deep earthy richness and a creamy dusting from the cheese. Perfect for dunking into a bearnaise bath or capturing every last drop of the steak juices

SIRLOIN Steak with Truffle Chips and Bearnaise Sauce at Pasture, Bristol -

I don’t know how there was room for a dessert but sure it proves the separate dessert stomach, especially with some great dishes on the menu. I went for the Lemon and Raspberry Posset with Meringue, Toasted Marshmallows and Caramelised White Chocolate. A beautifully soft set posset with a sharp tang from the lemon and raspberry to complement the sweetness from the other areas of the dessert. I loved the biscuit flavour from the caramelised white chocolate with the char of the toasted marshmallow.

LEMON & RASPBERRY POSSET // meringue, toasted marshmallows & caramalised white chocolate at Pasture, Bristol -

Pasture is a great place for celebrating special occasions with families or just celebrating the end of the week with good friends with great steaks and plenty of wine.

Steak Grilling at Pasture, Bristol -

Address Book 


2 Portwall Ln, Bristol BS1 6NB

Tel: 07741 193445



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