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It has been a couple of months since my passport has had an outing. The poor thing was ready to leave this rainy country for sunnier lands. Armed with my trusty passport, a long list of foodie must-visit list and two of my favourite Charlottes, we headed to the land of beautiful men and cinnamon buns – Stockholm!


We wasted no time it tucking into some wonderful food. Just around the corner of our cute little apartment was the cosy Nytorget 6. Bathed in candlelight, we nestled in the leather chairs to pour over the menu. I went for the divine-sounding Braised Lamb with spring vegetables and rosemary aioli. Tender lamb shank with ribbons of radishes, courgettes and beetroot, with a luxurious creamy aioli foam. What a way to start a holiday. Staying in Sodermalm area we weren’t short of great bars to have an after dinner drink or three.

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Starting as I mean to go on, I was quick to sample a cinnamon bun (Kanelbullar) for breakfast that I have heard so much about, eager to see what the fuss was about. I’m now so obsessed with these gooey, warming knot buns with a serious hit of cinnamon and cardamom. I knew this wasn’t going to be the only bun of the holiday.


Taking a stroll to get to the center, we came across a weekend food market with some amazing produce on offer.

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It wasn’t long before the second cinnamon bun of the holiday was in my sights. The only place I really wanted to visit in Stockholm was actually a bakery that’s buns have London all in fluster over there baked goods. Fabrique is scattered throughout the city and currently has a pop-up in London, so I would recommend that you sniff out these beyond tasty buns.

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The beautiful thing about Stockholm is that you can wander the cobbled streets and between the red stained buildings to discover little treasures without the chaos of clutching on to a tourist must visit list but more of discovering the liveable city. However, one of the places I did want to visit and, of course, it was food related was the Saluhall. From the 1880’s and a foodies paradise with everything could possibly want to sample and more. With restaurants and deli serving up the produce in the centre of the all the stalls. A buzz in the air especially at lunch time.

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We couldn’t come to Sweden without trying one of their most famous dishes. It would have been like visiting England without sampling Fish and Chips.  The place to go is definitively Meatballs – For The People. With a restaurant named that, you aren’t in any illusions as to what you’re going to get.


Glad to see the health benefits of drinking bubbles is being recognised!


I went for the Classic option but fancy meatballs of pork and veal, juicy and tender with a light gravy, silky potato mash, tart loganberries and sharp pickled cucumber. All with a glass of chilled Cava, naturally. The whole dish was surprisingly fresh and not too heavy before a night of dancing and many, many, many strong gins…


Due to the many, many, many gins from the night before our Sunday start was less dynamic than the day before. Think more crawling out of bed in search of chilled water. Luckily for our fragile states, around our apartment were plenty of super cute cafes to fed our hangovers.

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I’ve found the perfect hangover food and it is called Frasvåfflor Waffles. Crisp waffles just off the waffle iron but then I went to the next level to have ham, cheese, mustard dressing and lettuce. Sorted me right out for  a day of sightseeing. The girls went for the sweet route with mixed fresh berries, honey and sweetened cream. Delicious!


We didn’t have much luck with the weather on Sunday so wandering around The Vasa Museum, the only almost fully intact 17th-century ship that has ever been salvaged after sinking 333 years before. The detail of the boat was saved by the cold and mud helped to keep it in tack for all those years. A great glispse into the past.


With the weather so gross and rainy, there was only one solution which was to visit a  Fabrique bakery near our apartment and stock up on baked goods and curl up in bed and watch a film as we warmed up. The berry buns of course were an aid in the heating up process.

IMG_3288 IMG_3289

Luckily for our last the sun came out for us and we were able to take to the water and cruise around the islands, taking in the stunning scenery. Whilst having a cinnamon bun or two…

IMG_3297 IMG_3312 IMG_3320

With the sky that blue, Stockholm made it really hard for us to get on the plane to be greeted by Englands rubbish weather. But like all good trips away with really great friends, it’s never too sad to leave a place as those unique memories you make with them fuels you through the colder days.


One more cinnamon bun before the flight home and then on to the next challenge, mastering how to make them to keep me in my habit.


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