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My brother and sister in law have recently moved to Brighton from London so I’ve been having fun when visiting them discovering a whole new area of great foodie places. A few weeks ago I visited with a couple of our friends, one of which brought my brother a beautiful house warming present of a super creepy china doll. This doll followed me around the whole weekend. I would go to the loo and she would be outside. I would go to the kitchen and she was keeping the prosecco safe. Creepy as hell.


On Sunday we set out for a walk along Devils Dyke to work up an appetite for our Sunday lunch extravaganza.  Now normally on these walks I tend not to have the most appropriate footwear, just some flip flops for a seven-mile country walk. Not this time- I had full-on walking boots as we were following my brother and his friend’s directions which may of lead us over some gates and through some horse fields that we shouldn’t have crossed. I may have nearly lost both my boots to the great muddy fields we crossed. I don’t think we even got to Devils Dyke proper. But that didn’t matter as we had lined up an epic roast.


I may agree with the art in the pub…


The Ginger Fox make an incredible roast. A roast that dreams are made of. A roast so good that as soon as I finished the whole plate I just wanted to start all over again with another one.  I went for the roast belly of pork with stuffing and crackling. The dish also came with glazed carrots, roasted potatoes, buttery kale and insane smoked creamy celeriac. Cheekily I also asked for my roast to include a Yorkshire Pudding because I strongly believe there should be a pudding a part of a roast not just with beef and kindly the staff weren’t phased by the request. After walking through the fields the roast wasn’t going to last too long.

Just check out this roast in its full glory below…


It was such a wonderful weekend with some of my dearest friends and great food, the perfect combination. I want to head back to The Ginger Fox again soon when I haven’t had to mount a farm gate to get to my roast!


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The Ginger Fox

Muddleswood Road, Hassocks BN6 9EA

Tel: 01273 857888



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