Annie Mae’s Mac & Cheese, London – Review

This post is super delayed. I don’t mean like missing a major holiday by a day or two, but actually 9 months delayed. Bad blogger. I’ve had these pictures on my memory card meaning to create this post for so long. Poor show.

Back in June last year, when we still had sun light I went to a London Zoo, Zoo Late night, an over 18’s only night in the urban jungle. I don’t have kids and no adverse to others children but there was something so great about watching the penguins with a Pimm’s in the sun without a screaming kid next to me. Ok there may of been some squealing from the adults but everyone loves a baby animal.

IMG_3175There were many street food and drink stalls to choose from, all with inviting smells and menus. I was mainly drawn into Annie Mae’s Mac & Cheese steaming creamy vats of mac and cheese. Damn son! I mean what’s better to see the animals with then a cheese loaded feast to the max!

The fun doesn’t stop there, they have some brilliant toppings to pimp your mac & cheese to the next level. I went for The Kanye Western: Mac with hot dog, bbq sauce & crispy onion. Best name ever.

IMG_3167 IMG_3171 IMG_3172

Nom, I want this in my face badly now. I forgot how good it was. Crispy onions are the work of the angels. The tang of the BBQ sauce offsets the creaminess of the cheese. Dreamy.

Annie Mae’s travel around all over the place, sharing their cheesy love so check out their website to see where they are hanging out next.


No, the monkey wasn’t impressed with Kanye’s antics either. Even if the evening did end up in a silent disco with the gorillas. A standard Friday night then.


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