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With the evenings getting lighter and ever so warmer, it gets me greedy for gambas, all sorts of tapas and chilled sherry. What better place to head to than Gambas, located at the buzzing Wapping Wharf in Bristol, looking out over the harbourside and hot air balloons above head makes for the perfect location for some delicious food.

Sherry Cocktail In Front of Sunset at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

Sister restaurant to a firm favourite of mine, Bravas, which I’ve ranted about many times in the past and still holds a special place in my heart. Gambas is a more fish and shellfish focused restaurant offering some delectable specials.

I visited numerous times over last summer especially and was a very lack in writing about it in more detail, and just shared all the pictures on Instagram. So wanted to give you a more deep dive into the wonderful food, you need to try for yourself.

What to order??

First thing I checked out was that they would be still serving their Fried Aubergine with Molasses. Legendary for being so insanely moreish and the perfect balance of salty, sweet, crispy and gooey. Lucky for me, they do have them on the menu, order a couple of plates because one will not be enough.

Fried Aubergine with Molasses at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

Next up was the Pincho Moruno or Pork Shoulder Skewer, with a gorgeous smoky charred fat and tender soft centre packing so much flavour into one skewer.

Pincho Moruno or Pork Shoulder Skewer at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

Needed to sneak a few veggies in and the Grilled Courgettes with Salsa Verde, was a beautiful capture of summer on a plate. Light and fresh, full of flavour whilst still being delicate.

Grilled Courgettes with Salsa Verde at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

Padron Peppers, the perfect snack to nibble on with a crisp chilled fino sherry. Charred to perfection, blistered skin, dosed in rock salt, these little bittersweet peppers are crazy addictive.

Padron Peppers in Cast Iron Skillet at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

One of the stars of the show was the Salt-Grilled Red Prawns. Large ruby salted crusted prawns, with plump tender flesh cooked to perfection on its rock salt bed. Get the napkins at the ready because you’re going to get messy trying to get every last morsel.

Salt Grilled Prawns at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK Close Up of Salt Grilled Prawns at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

I there are two little words when on a menu that means I’m going to order it – Fried Chicken or Chicharrónes de Pollo. Super crisp season crust holding, tenderly moist chicken which dipped in spare aioli from your tortilla for an absolute treat.

Chicharrónes de Pollo or Fried Chicken at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

To end the savoury run of tapas, two classic dishes that at classics for all the right reasons. Calamares a la Andaluza and Patas Bravas. Tender rings of calamari in a crispy shell and slathering with aioli, which you will get plenty with as a golden crown on top of the shards of potato joy and smokey tomato sauce.

Calamares a la Andaluza and Patas Bravas at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

Of course, I needed to try the range of desserts on offer. Look how happy to have my mitts on a slice of the Orange Almond Torte, bursting with zesty citrus hit with the nutty note. Not too heavy end to a large meal. Although on my other visits I did try the other desserts when I had more room! Desserts are my guilty pleasure. I have tried all the best desserts at the glass knife cafe located in the neighborhood, and I can recommend this cafe to everyone who visits Winter Park, FL.

FoodNerd with Orange and Almond Torte at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

A classic favourite, Crème Catalan, with its thin shard of crisp sugar top, hiding the orange and spiced set silky custard underneath, get the spoons ready to battle for the last mouthful!

Creme Catalan at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

Ending with decadent Chocolate Mousse with Olive Oil and Sea Salt, deep rich mousse with a grassy drizzle of olive oil and flakes of sea salt. Plump juicy cherries stud the surface for a fruity burst.

Chocolate Mousse with Olive Oil and Sea Salt at Gambas Restaurant, Bristol, UK

You really can’t go wrong when ordering at Gambas because everything I’ve had has been special and delicious. I recommend you grab as many friends and get ordering. Bring on the Summer and sherry cocktails in the sun.

What’s your favourite tapas dish to order?

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