Pollen Street Social, London – Review

For me food is an incredibly social tool. It bring people together and is very evocative to certain memories. Of course over the years I’ve had meals by myself but I’ve never actually gone for a special meal by myself. It’s an experience, firstly there’s at least half the amount of food on the table for you to try, this means your menu choices are more important. Choose wisely young grasshopper. Secondly, you will hoover up your food even quicker than you think is polite. Luckily the staff at Pollen Street Social made me feel like home even though I was dining by myself. Well that and the glass of prosecco I had to toast the weekend.

Kicking off with some amuse bouche in a sexy book, of a parmesan crisp with a tomato fondant and black olives.  A baked artichoke leaf with white truffle, butterbean puree. A prawn cracker with crab puree. It’s fair to say my mouth was well amused after these delightful little morsels.


Gloucestershire butter went along side a salt cod puree to be smeared of warm freshly baked sourdough bread. I could of finished the whole bread basket.

IMG_5015 IMG_5016

For my starter I went with the crispy pigs trotter with wild garlic soup. The pigs trotter was a meaty delight, rich and decadent crunch to vibrant gentle garlic velvet smooth soup. This was a beautiful  plate of food, that just sang the the best of Spring food.


In keeping with the Spring theme for my main course the stuffed loin of young rabbit, salt lemon, young broccoli & fresh herbs. The rabbit was beautifully tender and flavoursome. I always like a cheeky carrot with rabbit, always seems very Beatrix Potter for some reason…


I was then invited to have a seat at the dessert bar where I could the watch the magic unfold. I was greeted by a strawberry and yogurt milkshake with cucumber granita. Super refreshing and slurped up in a second up the awesome glass straw.

IMG_5020 IMG_5022 IMG_5023 IMG_5024

When presented a super sexy dessert list anything labelled“PBJ” you know I’m going to try it.  Peanut parfait, cherry yuzu sorbet, nitro peanut, what more do you want? The freshness of the yuzu in the cherry cut through the creaminess and richness of the peanut ice cream and nitrogen peanut crumbs. One of my favourite desserts of all time. So incredible. The cherry jelly with the biscuit crumbs with the parfait was inspired.

IMG_5025 IMG_5026

At this point I was incredibly full but very happy. But the beautiful petite fours arrived. Warm from the oven almond and lemon financiers with a gooey centre. Divine.


Nitrogen banana and chocolate crumbs. Silky smooth whilst being crumbly. Looked a shame to eat it as looked like an edible coral reef but with one mouthful it was soon demolished.


Finally, a white chocolate caramel ice cream cone full of caramel. Delicious and rich, as well as the perfect way to end a spectacular meal. The staff was so welcoming and attentive without being over bearing. A wonderful experience which I can’t wait to share again with my friends and family (mainly to try out more of the menu!)


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