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Food Tours Around The World – Review

I used to have a guilty pleasure. When visiting a new city on holiday, I would love to go on a Hop on an open-topped tour bus. I loved how you could get a good idea of the lay of…

Interview with The Bristol Food Tour – Review

For the past year, there have been groups of like-minded foodies pounding the pavement in search of edible delights on offer in Bristol. Leading the pack are two passionate gals, Alice and Jo, armed with a wealth of knowledge are opening…

About FoodNerd

I eat. I travel. I blog. I repeat. Female Willy Wonka in Bristol with a love of travel, tequila, bacon and bean to bar chocolate.

Valencia Food Tour – Review

I’ve been recently been doing a series of posts based on wonderful food tours whilst travelling as well as creating your own. To add to the collection of food tours I’ve been on around the world, I recently arrange a…

How To Build Your Own Holiday Food Tour – Review

So you’ve booked a trip away. Now what? Well, how about a  DIY Food Tour for your time away? Sounds like a daunting task, where do you start? What resources can you trust and what can you ignore for an…

Chase Distillery, Hereford – Review

In the depth of the Hereford farmland is a place producing liquid joy. The Chase distillery has been producing some of the finest vodkas and gins for the past 20 plus years. William was given a potato field for his…

Island Eating Around Madeira, Portugal – Travel

This year we went a tad rogue for our annual girls holiday. The island of Madeira, not necessarily your typical destination, but it was an absolute gem of a spot. Probably most peoples idea of the island that it tends…

Food and Opera Weekend in Verona, Italy – Travel

For me, food and travel go together like jelly and ice cream, gin and tonic or Romeo and Juliet. When visiting a new city or even one I have been to before, I like to research food spots to enhance…

Wapping Wharf, Bristol – Review

For the last couple of years, a new development has been going strength to strength on the harbour side of Bristol. The Cargo at Wapping Wharf is a collection of restaurants, producers, shops and lifestyle ventures housed in shipping containers…

Top Themed Afternoon Teas in London – Review

Afternoon teas are an English institute, that normally you shouldn’t mess with. You can always start a heated debate amongst friends if you suggest whether to jam your scone before the clotted cream (I mean they would be wrong, cream on…

Eating and Exploring Brittany, France – Travel

FoodNerd travels to Brittany and eat at Petit Hotel du Grand Large

Bean to Bar Chocolate Tastings {Review – Cocoa Runners Parcel}

FoodNerd tries lots of bean to bar chocolate bars.

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