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  • Marmalade Loaf with Mascarpone Frosting Recipe

    Marmalade Loaf with Mascarpone Frosting Recipe
  • Luxury Christmas Mincemeat Recipe

    Luxury Christmas Mincemeat Recipe
  • Chocolate Orange Marshmallow Recipe

    Chocolate Orange Marshmallow Recipe
  • Christmas Canapes with Homemade Ricotta Recipe

    Christmas Canapes with Homemade Ricotta Recipe

Pretzel and Popcorn Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart Recipe

This recipe might be totally ridiculous, there’s a whole lot of flavours and textures going on and all totally work together. This recipe is for a delicious Pretzel and Popcorn Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart. See, ridiculous! There’s a crushed salted…

Individual Black Forest Trifles Recipe

Sharing is caring, but some times something sweet for yourself is the one. Without having to share with someone fishing out the best bits. This is a recipe for individual Black Forest Trifles and gets around the whole sharing aspect,…

About FoodNerd

I eat. I travel. I blog. I repeat.
Working as a Food Technologist, through my blog I take my love for all things food through to my travels to discover new cultures, recipe development in my kitchen and sharing restaurant reviews.

Fig Leaf Crème Brûlée Recipe

When growing up, we’re told to not play with our food but is there anything better than thwacking the golden crisp top of a crème brûlée? Shards of ember caramelised sugar with its creamy luxurious base hidden underneath. I’ve been…

Elderflower Spritz Marshmallows Recipe

Summer is finally here! One of my favourite ways to cool down is Elderflower cordial with ice-cold soda water (or prosecco if feeling fancy!) for a delicious long drink. But let’s be real British summers are short-lived so I’ve come…

Espresso Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Need the perfect after-dinner treat that has the coffee kick of an espresso? Then this recipe is for Espresso Chocolate Truffles are the one for you. These rich ganache truffles are infused with fresh ground espresso coffee as well as…

Raspberry and White Chocolate Babka Recipe

Are you ready to impress your friends? This is a recipe for Raspberry and White Chocolate Babka, will be the recipe that will definitely do that! A super flouncy swirl sweet bread filled with tart raspberry jam and loaded with…

Toblerone Cookie Recipe

There are some treats that are simple but oh so delicious. Toblerone chocolate being one. Milk chocolate studded with irresistible nuggets of honey and almond nougat. What’s not to like? How about putting the chocolate in a buttery crisp cookie?…

Taste of London 2020 – Dream Menu

Sadly, with Taste of London 2020 being cancelled this year and missing the best foodie day of the year. I thought I would put together my dream Taste of London menu from dishes I’ve tried from past years so when…

Aperol Spritz Jelly Recipe

With the warmer weather here, there’s nothing better than a cool cocktail in hand. An Aperol Spritz is one of my favourite drinks and I have fond memories sipping them in front of the cathedral in Genova. There’s something about…

Maltesers Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

What’re your favourite chocolates to nibble on? Mine has to be Maltesers, you can nibble off the chocolate around those crisp malt ball centre or just scoff them! This recipe for Maltesers Chocolate Cupcakes includes everything for a Malteser fan!…

Pink Grapefruit Jaffa Cakes Recipe

Is it a biscuit or is it a cake? This recipe for Pink Grapefruit Jaffa Cakes takes your favourite tangy treats to the next level. They look so complicated to make, but honestly, there are three main steps to make…

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