Top Themed Afternoon Teas in London {Review – Eating In London}

Afternoon teas are an English institute, that normally you shouldn’t mess with. You can always start a heated debate amongst friends if you suggest whether to jam your scone before the clotted cream (I mean they would be wrong, cream on…

Bean to Bar Chocolate Tastings {Review – Cocoa Runners Parcel}

FoodNerd tries lots of bean to bar chocolate bars.

About FoodNerd

I eat. I travel. I blog. I repeat. Female Willy Wonka in Bristol with a love of travel, tequila, bacon and bean to bar chocolate.

Taste Of London 2016 Edition {Review – Taste of London Festival, London}

FoodNerd attends Taste of London 2016 and eats lots of dishes.

Chocolate Bars Before Bros {Review – Mast Brothers, London}

My cousin and I like to go on food adventures, they are better than normal adventures. When we found out that Mast Brothers, one of the founders of the bean to bar chocolate movement was opening a factory/shop/cafe/cool space in…

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole {Review – Rabbit, London}

I’m very fortunate that my family gets on really well with my sister in laws family. A couple of weekend’s ago, I was invited to celebrate my sister-in-law’s Dad’s 60th birthday, which was lovely to celebrate with a big family.…

Edible Souvenirs From Paris {Review – Chocolate Bars From Paris}

FoodNerd reviews a collection of edible souvenirs, premium chocolate bars from a recent trip to Paris.

The Sweet Life {Review – Café Royal Hotel, Dessert Bar, London}

My cousin is particularly good in agreeing to join me on my mad brain foodie adventures. Normally I will pitch it to my cousin and straight away I will get the answer, ‘Yes, when?’ When I saw that there was…

Special Bean to Bar Chocolate {Review – Makers and Bars}

This post is long overdue and a true test of my insane willpower (which is surprising for this subject). I have been holding on to four special chocolate bars for about a year for a time when I can sit…

Visiting The Capital of Pâtisserie {Travel – Paris, France}

For a while now I’ve lost my blogging mojo. I needed to find my spark again for writing and trying out new recipes. Perfectly timed, my lovely friend Marine invited me to visit her in Paris for the weekend. I…

Cousins Take On Copious Cupcakes {Review – Cupcake and Macaron Tour, London}

My cousins and I enjoy a sweet treat or six. So when my cousin kindly invited us to join her on a cupcake and macaron walking tour around London there was only one answer- YES!!! The tour started off in a…

Steaking A Claim {Review – The Ox , Clifton}

FoodNerd visits the launch of The Ox, Clifton, Bristol.

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