Chase Distillery, Hereford – Review

In the depth of the Hereford farmland is a place producing liquid joy.

The Chase distillery has been producing some of the finest vodkas and gins for the past 20 plus years. William was given a potato field for his 18th birthday (don’t we all though!) and went into producing crisps, and whilst visiting America for sourcing more equipment, saw that potato farmers were making premium potato vodka with their crops. Thus Chase distillery was born.

I had been kindly given the tour of the distillery by my two gin fanatical friends who joined me on the tour. We started with Chase’s vodka to warm up. All the spirits were tried neat then with a mixer to see how the flavours change or soften with the addition of the mixer or ones you could have simply on ice. I must admit I definitely thought it was one mixer that would be suitable for all but was great to taste how the different strength of flavour to the mixer complemented the flavours of the gin not masking and overpowering.

We walked through the processes and stills with our incredibly knowledgeable guide, as well as having a taste of punchy moonshine before being refined further to the drink we all know and love.

I love how they have their spaces decorated with the worn union jacks and wooden barrels holding future treats and adventures.


Throughout the tour, we learnt that gin is actually flavoured vodka with juniper being the dominate botanical in the blend. Allowing gin producers now to get inventive with their flavourings to create some amazing blends.

I loved the Elegant 48 Gin which has, you guessed it 48 different botanicals for a spectacular gin which is delicious just over ice or tonic water but I’ve also served it with mint and cucumber pressé for a super refreshing pick me up.

Also, I treated myself to a bottle of the Pink Grapefruit gin, which packs a citrus punch the moment you take out the stopper. Again perfect over ice or with a light tonic water for a zesty drink.

We worked through the Chase range as well as their delicious Elderflower liqueur and Sloe Gins, it was very hard to not go wild and buy a whole drink cabinets worth of alcohol, especially when they were so good. May a stock up when it comes to Christmas cocktails.

We tucked our purchase in their potato paper bags and slightly swayed in our steps on the way to hunt down some food after our sampling of so very fine British Gin and Vodkas.

Address Book

Chase Distillery

Chase Farm, Rosemaund Dr, Preston Wynne, Hereford HR1 3PG

Tel: 01432 820455



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