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Ola Mole Pollo {Recipe – Mexican Mole Sauce Chicken Wings}

We’re going down Mexican way for today’s chicken wing recipe. The ingredient list seems a bit long for a simple chicken wing sauce recipe, but trust me this mole sauce will be well worth the pottering around the kitchen collecting…


Fire Wings {Recipe – Korean Chicken Wings}

As part of the icebreaker at the beginning of any food tour I’m a guide for, we go around the table, saying what our favourite food is. For any foodie, this can be a tough decision. I’ve had all sort…


Calling All Carnivores! {Review – Meat Food Tour, Bristol}

I’m known for liking a chicken wing or three in my time. As well as a good rare steak. Or even a good charcuterie board. So when The Bristol Food Tour, who I’m a tour guide for, was looking to…


Remembering and Making Memories {Travel – Lille, France & Bruges, Belgium}

I like to plan travels in January, as once Christmas is over, everyone is on diets, not drinking alcohol, have no money and it’s just been raining for months, it’s good to have something to look forward to.


Parcel From Portland {Review – Chocolate Parcel Swap}

Having ended last year with an absolute mountain of nibbled on chocolate bars from my chocolate advent calendar, you would think that I wouldn’t need any more chocolate in my life. Oh, how wrong you are. To start the year…


Where To Get Your S’mores Fix {Review – Top S’mores Spots …

For the last couple of posts, I’ve been celebrating all things S’mores. Today is a roundup where to get your S’mores fix. Whether it’s making you’re own at home or out and about. Get ready to stuff your face with…


Hey There, Sweet Buns {Recipe – S’mores Chelsea Buns}

We’re carrying on a very sweet theme of S’mores, today a recipe for S’mores Chelsea Buns. Soft enriched dough with a filling of caramelised digestive biscuit crumbs, gooey marshmallows and studded with dark chocolate chips. The mixture of the butter,…


Step 1 – Build A Campfire {Recipe – S’mores Marshmallows}

To carry on this mini-series of recipes featuring the key components of the wonder and joy that is S’mores, I bring you today a recipe for a digestive biscuit crumb coated vanilla marshmallow, studded with dark chocolate chips. Take you…


Monkeying Around {Recipe – S’mores Monkey Bread}

Some flavour combinations just work together. Chocolate and Orange. Chocolate and Raspberries. Well, anything with chocolate really. Including sandwiching it between two wheaty, oaty biscuits with a charred marshmallow, straight from a campfire. For someone, who hasn’t grown up with…


Festive Breakfast of Chocolate {Review – Week 5 Chocolate Advent Calendar}

This is the last of the round up of my adventures into the world of bean to bar chocolate and I’m going to miss my festive breakfast of chocolate. I hope that you have discovered some new favourites and new…


Making It Rain Chocolate {Review – Week 4 Chocolate Advent Calendar}

This post is a tad late, bad blogger, a little thing called Christmas got in the way of me posting it for you. But I’ve got a lovely selection of another seven bars of various flavours and origins for you.

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