Tasting Bean To Bar Chocolate Bars From South America

I’ve tried many chocolate bars that I’ve picked up on my travels. This article I’m covering the bean to bar chocolate bars from South America. This, of course, covers a large area and varying climates and soil conditions, which is reflected in the different flavour notes that can be detected in the different bars. Let’s see what flavours can be found!


Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest, made from wild cocoa in north-eastern Bolivia. Small in size but big in flavour. To protect this process the founder has arranged for every bar sold, they plant a tree in the Bolivian rainforest. A very smooth mouthfeel but a subtle flavour, nothing largely standing out other than a slight citrus undertone.

Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest 66% Bean To Bar Chocolate - www.foodnerd4life.comOriginal Beans Beni Wild Harvest 66% Bean To Bar Chocolate, opened bar - www.foodnerd4life.com

Original Beans Esmeraldas Milk 42% and Fleur de Sel. Again a beautiful bar, the Fleur de Sel just lifts the bar to reveal delicate caramel notes. I never end up having a bar for too long as they just disappear far too quickly!

Original Beans Esmeraldas Milk 42% and Fleur de Sel Chocolate Bar - www.foodnerd4life.comOriginal Beans Esmeraldas Milk 42% and Fleur de Sel Chocolate Bar Unwrapped - www.foodnerd4life.com

Bullion No.2 Bolivia. Bullion produce their bars at the same percentage (70%) but from different origins. This bar had an earthy aroma when opening the wrapper, plenty of red berries and citrus to make this a delicious and interesting bar to try.

Bullion No.2 Boliva


Blanxart from Barcelona has been producing since 1954 and have sourced these delicious beans from Brazil from a single estate. My ‘tasters’ thought it tasted wintery, with raisin and earthy notes as well as figs. A softer bar in flavour and didn’t really build the flavour as we expected a 76% bar would. Still a very enjoyable bar.

Blanxart 76% Brasil Bean to Bar Chocolate Bar - www.foodnerd4life.com

Which of these South American chocolate bars you would like to try?

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