Ryan Gosling Maple Syrup and Bacon Cupcakes Recipe

The last couple of Valentines Day I’ve been spending my days with a special man. Of course, I’m talking of Ryan Gosling and by spend I mean make slightly creepy cupcakes as an ode to the beautiful man. The first…

Ryan Gosling Cupcakes Recipe

Last year I bought you the Ryan Gosling Blue Valentine Cupcakes. This year I bring you cupcakes with his face on. Ryan Gosling Cupcakes. You’re welcome. I am well aware of how weird this is. But who can blame me…

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Ryan Gosling’s Blue Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

(Warning for all male readers you may want to skip ahead to the recipe for this post) Ryan Gosling. Dammmmmmmnnnnnn. Again Ryan Gosling. Dammmmmmmmnnnn. What’s not to love about this man. Seriously. Dammmmmmnnnn. Can’t lie I’ve spent hours looking at…

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