Savoury Brie and Walnut Baklava Recipe

This weekend gone marks the 27th birthday of my housemate and dear friend. She was one of the first people I met at university and even though she has seen me at my very worse and at various states of…

Pecan Pie & Maple Syrup Baklava Recipe

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’ve had a wonderful couple of days with your families and friends. It’s fair to say we ate well in the FoodNerd home, having an epic Beef Wellington for our main Christmas meal instead of the…

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I eat. I travel. I blog. I repeat. Female Willy Wonka in Bristol with a love of travel, tequila, bacon and bean to bar chocolate.

Pecan Pie Recipe

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Even though I am a very cold girl in the UK wearing many knitted wear layers, today I am channelling a sun golden Cali babe.  Wow, you can’t tell I hate winter in the UK at all, can…

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