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Homemade Marshmallows Recipe

Saturday shall now be called Marshmallowgate. I try to be a caring friend and think there should be marshmallows for everyone in the world. So when I started out to make some fluffy, lighter than a cloud marshmallows, I bought especially…


Lime and Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Some things remind me of dinner parties my parents held when I was younger. Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Chocolates (that would be left over from coffee and me and my brother could have one for breakfast). Smell of my mum’s…


William Curley Dessert Bar, London – Review

My parents are sweeties. Last Christmas, they got my brother, my sister in law and myself really thoughtful presents. Not that don’t always get us thoughtful presents, but these were more experiences so the three of us had fun things planned throughout…


Homemade Gherkins Part 2 Recipe

So back in May time, I made for the first time some glorious gherkins and said I would post some pictures of them after they’ve had their 2 months hibernating away in my cupboard. I realised it has been longer…


OXO Tower Afternoon Tea, London – Review

I should move to London. In the long run, it would be best if I moved to London. Madness you might think bare in mind I have a great job that I love in Bristol and have wonderful friends here and there…


Tequila Spherification Bubbles Recipe

After recently experiencing Taiwanese Bubble Tea, I’ve become quite interested in using different textures to create an unusual take on the dish or drink.  Spherification is the process of shaping liquid into pearls, the most common method of doing this a liquid is mixed with sodium alginate…


Banana and Peanut Butter Loaf Recipe

Before I went off to uni to study how to be more of a food nerd, I took a gap year. I worked in an independent kitchenware shop (which I adored! Selling knives, baking gadgets and all sorts of weird and wonderful things!) to…


Chocolate and Cherry Cupcakes Recipe

The joyous time has come around again – PUDDING CLUB!!! It’s been a while and not as regular as we had hoped when starting it but never mind when a cake is involved!  We had more eaters than bakers this…


The Hand and Flowers, Marlow – Review

The summer solstice, an excuse to go out for a nice meal with my family. No there wasn’t any sacrificing of goats at hight alters whilst chanting around an open fire, but cocktails, dressing up, pig head’s and amazing food.…


S’mores Cupcakes Recipe

As I’m not an American, who as I imagine the clichés, grew up on going to summer camps and songs around campfires, I haven’t tried an s’mores first hand. However, growing up with American TV and films, vaguely aware of…


A Weekend of Eating Around San Sebastian, Spain – Travel

Summer holidays! Time to get away with great friends, explore an area whilst eating your way through local delights and sampling the local tipples.  And that’s exactly what I did last week, boarded a sleazy-jet plane to the sunny shores of…

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