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The following blog post will be used in the future as an example of how to write a fashion post and the sexy clothes one can wear.  Or maybe not….  Well last weekend me and my house mates went on a road trip to Snowdonia, North Wales to have a good ole explore.  I had probably one of the best weekends with these girls. Laughed so much and generally had a great time being silly.  It was a rather random choice of place to visit but actually was really nice trying out something different than visiting a big city or going abroad. We had a great B & B, random and there was a picture of Anthony Hopkins and a shire house in the room as well as mainly being an utility room, but we laughed through the weirdness.

We strapped on our walking boots and got walking. It’s about a 9 mile round walk and takes around 6 hours to complete, but oh boy you have amazing views when you get to the top, you are the highest point in Wales and England.  And an amazing work out on the legs and bum.

IMG_5408 IMG_5411

There may be a large selection of photos of us taking ourselves very serious throughout the walk…


I am renown in my group of friends that no matter the activity I always have inappropriate footwear on to complete the task in hand. I could wear flip flops all year around, even in the rain. I have done a 7 mile hike in my flippy floppies before – although I did end up covering my brother with sheep poo when my flip flop got stuck in mud.

The picture below is proof that I can wear correct footwear.

IMG_5421 IMG_5426

This was one of the passageways which as a super clumsy human being in my everyday life scared to me to death. Wasn’t that fun coming back down either….

IMG_5431a IMG_5435 IMG_5443

We made it to the top!!! It was super windy and a tad cold but look at those happy little faces that we didn’t end up being tackled by a sheep on the way up.


I may of been happier than my other two friends to be on top of the world…( Also take note of the outfit it will be hitting Paris and New York Fashion Week’s later this year)


This post isn’t really a foodie post as after walking back down from the top of Snowdon, we crashed in our B & B room before heading out for dinner. We may of fell asleep until 9pm and ended up with a room picnic of box wine, cheese puff’s, cashews and strawberries. Classy.

With our aching limbs being dragged out of bed the next day for more exploring. We headed to Conwy Bay with it’s castle, small houses and mussels.  The weather was typical British Summer and chucked it down, but when you have sexy waterproof’s and flip flops on, who cares!


My Great Grandmother’s Auntie used to live next to the Britain’s Smallest House, which is just 72 inches wide and 122 inches high where a local fisherman lived called Robert Jones who was 6 foot 3′ tall until 1900. This meant her house was always on the postcards and visitors photos. I visited the house about ten years ago with my parents to check out her house and visit my Great Grandmother’s house further up in Conwy. I would like to say I would of happily lived in that house but I think being clumsy I would constantly have concussion!

IMG_5477IMG_5478 IMG_5481

Conwy is famous for their amazing seafood, especially mussels which are sustainably hand-raked from where they naturally form on the seabed. They are larger in size, meatier and have a distinctive taste that rope grown mussels just don’t possess. We had them with plenty of pepper and vinegar whilst looking at the boats in the quay.

IMG_5484 IMG_5486a IMG_5487

Made a friend.

He also liked my outfit…


It wouldn’t of been a trip away without an ice cream and we treated ourselves to a Parisella’s gorgeous ice cream located on the high street.  Apparently, the seagulls are a fan too…


There were far too many options of flavours to choose from. Amaretto and Black Cherry, Lemon Curd, Chunky Monkey, Toffee Apple, Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter, Raspberry Pavlova, Strawberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel to name but a few of the amazing sounding flavours. I went for the Butterscotch Pecan and was divine as it sounds. In fact, I may have inhaled mine.. oops!

IMG_5493 IMG_5494 IMG_5496

Bex went for the Pistachio and I would say it was equally as creamy and rich as the one I had in Rome back in February. Yum.


I had such a wonderful weekend with the girls and loved every minute of it with them. It’s very true that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as long as you have friends around you to make you laugh until your sides are sore and you have tears in your eyes, nothing else really matters. I can’t wait to explore more of the UK with them very soon. x

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