Pakistani Cookery Course with Migrateful – Review

Before Christmas, I was invited to come along to a Migrateful Cookery Class, to see what these new cookery classes had to offer the city of Bristol, having been established in London since 2017. Although being invited, I paid for my spot in a class.Cooking Station at Pakistani Cooking Course with Migrateful

What is Migrateful?

Migrateful is a London based charity that works to empower refugees and asylum seekers by training them to become a cookery teacher and providing them with meaningful work experience, leadership skills, and an opportunity to practice their English. Allowing them to be apart of the local community whilst sharing their heritage and culture.

Migrateful are now running 4 different cookery classes every month from Gambia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Pakistan, in Bristol as well as many more throughout London.

Paratha Making at Pakistani Cookery Class with Migrateful,

Which Class Did I Do?

I picked from the four on offer the Pakistani cookery class with Atiqa. Having wanted a better understanding of cooking Pakistani cooking, I was super excited to get cooking. With 8 of us in the class and plenty of helpers on hand, Atiqa took us through the instructions and techniques to make a Pakistani feast.

Chanay Walay Chanal at Pakistani Cookery Course with Migrateful, www.


Work in couples, tackling a couple of dishes each, we rolled up our sleeves and got cooking.

On the menu, that evening was, Chanay Walay Chanal (Chickpea Pilau Rice), Saag Aloo (Potato and Spinach Curry),  Paratha (Potato Stuffed Chapati), Chutneys and Raita and dessert of Sooji Ka Halwa (Selmonia Pudding with Cardamom and Pistachios).

Indian Semonlina Pudding with Pistachios and Paratha at Pakistani Cookery Course at Migrateful

We had about an hour and a half of cooking all the dishes, before the really important bit. All sitting down and eating our creations together. It was such a wonderful evening, with a great group of people, sharing stories and getting to know them. Think in these times, it’s really important to bring together more than ever.

Finished Pakistani Meal at Migrateful Cookery Course

Where Are The Classes Held?

In Bristol, the classes are held on a Wednesday evening at the Co-Exist Community Kitchen. A beautiful space, where it’s home to a non-profit cookery school. With food being the main social driving force in all communities, Co-Exist Community Kitchen allows to teach skills, support those in the community to connect as well as supporting groups such as drug and alcohol services, mental health organisations, refugee and asylum seeker groups by eating and learning together.

Thursdays are also community lunchtime, with a suggested price of £5 but can pay whatever you can, you have a delicious meal cooked on-site by the volunteers to be shared together. Never know who you will talk too and stories shared.

If you would like to find ways to support their fantastic work, head to the Co-Exist Community website.

Saag Aloo and Semonlina Pudding at Pakistani Cookery Course wwith Migrateful

How to Get Your Spot on A Class?

Check out the extensive list of classes on offer over at their website, which fortunately runs in London (in multiple locations, Islington, Hackney, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Wandsworth)  and Bristol so you can have a whole host of different cuisines to pick from. You can book your spot directly on the site from £35, including recipes, direction when making the dishes as well as a full meal you cooked.


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