Bean to Bar Chocolate Tastings {Review – Cocoa Runners Parcel}

I’m playing catch up big time at the moment. Currently, I have around 24 bars of glorious bean to bar chocolate that are dying to be tried. Granted, I could scoff the lot in a mass chocolate binge, however  when so much care and attention have gone into crafting such wonderful bars, you need to take your time.

My first parcel from the brilliant Cocoa Runners was looking at different recipes and texture.

My first bar was from a favourite producer Pump Street Bakery – Rye Crumb, Milk and Sea Salt 60%

Nutty toasted nuggets from the rye, giving the bar an adult crunch to contrast against the creamy smooth milk. The subtle salt note to couple with maltiness of the rye to make this bar very enjoyable and likely to not last too long.

Pump Street Rye ChocolatePump Street Bakery Rye Chocolate

Blanxart – Dominican Republic 72%

A creamy dark chocolate sounds like an untrue contrast when it comes to higher percentage chocolate. An unchallenging bar, unlikely other bars when the flavours notes smack you in the face, this bar is a very good crowd pleaser bar.

Blanxart - Dominican Republic 72%Blanxart - Dominican Republic 72%

Pitch Dark – Ecuador Fruity 73%

This bar does exactly what it says on the tin. Big fruity notes and not your usual red fruit or plumy notes but light dancing on the palette fruits. Almost a light peach which will flit in and then gone before you can identify or become bored with the repetitive flavour. A smooth bar for our American cousins.

Pitch Dark - Ecuador Fruity 73%Pitch Dark - Ecuador Fruity 73%

Zotter – Peru 82%

Incredibly smooth which when given as a part of a blind taste test you would imagine you had been a milk chocolate due to the beautiful palette coating properties. More astringent flavour with notes of orange and deep caramelised sugar, a powerful character.

Zotter - Peru 82%Zotter - Peru 82%

My second glorious parcel full of chocolate –

Rococo – Dominican Republic 63% –

Having been to Rococco before but only their truffles and Easter eggs I was interested in trying one of their single origin bars. This one is more robust flavour than your standard milk with some hints of earthy depth. An unchallenging bar for those looking to experiment with single origin chocolate. A slight ginger spice, but not a fire heat.

Rococo - Dominican Republic 63% -Rococo - Dominican Republic 63% -

Amedei – Cicoccolato Al Latte –

Pronounced milk notes with a delicate floral honey background and soft mouthfeel make for an exceedingly pleasurable eat. Undemanding but highly rewarding. Stands out against the punchy bars with a fudgy texture that is made of dreams. A true delight!

Amedei - Cicoccolato Al Latte Amedei - Cicoccolato Al Latte

Mast Brothers – Cows Milk

Now I’ve tried quite a few of Mast Brothers bars, this bar doesn’t pack as much of a flavour hit as their other bars, however saying that still a nice bar to nibble on and have when you don’t want a challenging flavour bar.

Mast Brothers - Cows MilkMast Brothers - Cows Milk

Menakao – Madagascar 80%

I’m a fan of Madagascan chocolate. It’s big and bold and wakes up your palette. Typically fruity and well-rounded bar with a lasting flavour. Really robust and could stand up to a glass of Merlot.

Menakao - Madagascar 80%Menakao - Madagascar 80%

Stay tuned for many, many bean to bar chocolate bars coming your way!

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  1. marine
    5 September, 2016 / 7:31 pm

    Great article Rach ! You’re a real single origin chocolate expert. Have you taken a group picture of the chocolate bars you’ve collected? Speak soon x

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