September 2014 Bean to Bar Chocolate Tastings {Review – Cocoa Runners Parcel}

Happy National Chocolate Week y’all!!!! To celebrate I have my awesome September Cocoa Runners Parcel to share with you guys. And what a sexy parcel it was this month, focusing on Madagasan cocoa beans, with a Peruvian thrown in for good measure. If you haven’t signed up to Cocoa Runner’s yet, then why not this week to celebrate all things chocolatey in your life, or even treat yourself to a few bars that you might not of tried before. I promise you will get lost in their chocolate bar shop.

Kicking the chocolate selection was Duffy’s – Star of Peru 40% Milk Chocolate. I tried some of this beautiful back last year at Paul .A.Young chocolate making class and fell in love. Fudgy flavour, slight biscuity note to the bar. A really gem of a milk chocolate. The tasting notes meant to taste fruity but think I was having a rubbish tasting day as was struggling to get past the delicious dairy note. One bar that won’t last too long.

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Next  bar was from Menakao and a Dark Chocolate With Cocoa Nibs & Sea Salt. Another company I had tried before, I believe I tried their 44% milk chocolate with Madagascan vanilla in my first Cocoa Runner parcel back in February.  It was my Dad’s favourite bar at the time and think this bar will be added to the favourite bar list. Love love love the cocoa nibs, the savoury note from salt with deep richness of the bar’s base, made my housemate exclaim ‘oh my this is divine!’ And I would happen to agree with her. Also a very ethical bar so doing some good through massive consumption.

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Next is another bar from Madagascar from Morin and a 70% bar. A family company that have been making chocolate for since 1884 so they know a thing or two. A nice strong chocolate aroma, soft texture to the bar, a smooth melt on the palate. I can’t say we were overly wowed with this bar, there wasn’t anything we could pick that we didn’t like but compared to bars in this parcel and that of other ones it wasn’t that special. Don’t get me wrong we will happily work through the bar but wouldn’t be my go to bar of choice.

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Lastly, was the bar that caught my attention as soon as I opened this months parcel. I’m a sucker for a nice design and graphic and this bar was right up my street. Pump Street Bakery – Madagascar Milk 58% bar. A UK based family owned bakery and cafe producing some utterly wonderful looking products. such as their pastries from around the world. But importantly they make amazing single origin chocolate. Super creamy and deep caramel notes with has you searching for the liquid caramel middle as surely a plain solid bar can’t be this rich with caramel flavour without any actually caramel in it. A truly wonderful bar. I now want to try their Sourdough & Sea Salt Chocolate bar as it sounds wonderful. Strong work.

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How are you celebrating National Chocolate Week? Check out my chocolate section for recipes and all things chocolate to give a go this week.

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